Spiritual seeking and adventure are extremely unique from each other right? What if I said you can combine these into a vacation? I know it is crazy, however it is possible with the swargarohini trek.

Swargarohini is a set of peaks withinside the Saraswati (Bandarpunch) Range of the Garhwal Himalaya. It lies withinside the Uttarkashi District of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the excellent trails amongst Uttarakhand hiking. Swargarohini trek is the best trek that lets in trekkers to move deep in the Greater Himalayas. This trek is well-known for captivating rocky views and exhaustive conditions.

Where is Swargarohini Trek?

The astonishing swargarohini is located 38 km from Badrinath and 33 km from Mana. The mountain range in the Garhwal Himalayas lies in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is an 8km trek from Satopanth lake.

Story behind Swargarohini Trek

The name swargarohini translates into a stairway to heaven. It’s far stated that this mountain variety hides the best route to heaven which was utilized by the Pandavas and Draupadi. After the Kurukshetra yudh, Pandavas ruled Hastinapur for 36 years. After that, they proceed to Vanaprastha ashram, to give up the world and start their journey in the direction of Swarga (heaven). Pandavs believed that they obeyed their dharma and their duties. So that they were certain about their place in heaven.

As Yudhishthira stated “If we’ve genuinely upheld Dharma in our lives, then our bodies will now no longer die. We will enter the world of the gods with this flesh.”

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They had been observed via the means of a dog (who was in reality Dharma, the god of righteous conduct). As they began climbing the swargarohini peak, one after one the Pandava brothers commenced to fall dead. Draupadi being the first followed by Sahadeva, Nakula, Arjuna, and ultimately Bheem.

Yudhishthira does now no longer turn his back once and refuses to assist everybody as he told himself that “I have renounced everything“. He thought that if he desired to get a place in Swarga, he has to give up everything, otherwise, he too will die. Finally, he reached the pinnacle of the mountain, which is assumed to be the doorway to Swarga (heaven).

As one moves alongside their adventure to Swargarohini, one gets to wash away their problems in the Satopanth lake. As the legend suggests, Lord Vishnu, Mahesh, and Brahma took a bath in this lake. Making the Satopant lake a holy and divine location, because the pure water can wash away your problems. Hence, this place is regularly visited by many devotees alongside the wanderers, tourists, and trekkers.

AreaUttarkashi, Uttarakhand
Duration7 days
Best seasonMay, June, September, October
Altitude17,987 feet
Approx km680 km

Highlights of Swargarohini Trek

  • Hills are covered with snow and dotted with rhododendron groves, abloom in a motley of colors.
  • Enchanting scenic views of Himalayan Ranges that compliments the rocky terrain and those captivating skies.
  • Let yourselves wander in the far flung trans alpine meadows and lonely peaks.
  • Wash away your problems in the Satopanth lake.
  • Witness those spellbinding star trails of those spellbinding night time skies.

How to reach Swargarohini Trek?

By Air 

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Swargarohini. From the airport, you could either take a taxi or can catch a bus to reach Haridwar.

By Rail 

The train journey time between Delhi and Haridwar is around 4h 36m and covers a distance of around 252 km. The fastest train usually takes 4h 13m. Operated through Indian Railways, the Delhi to Haridwar train service departs from New Delhi and arrives in Haridwar Jn. Typically 15 trains run weekly, although weekend and vacation schedules can vary so check in advance.

By Road

You can reach Haridwar from New Delhi through road. A/C Volvo buses are available from New Delhi to Haridwar. You can take a bus from Anand Vihar Inter-State Bus Terminus in New Delhi. If you aren’t so specific about Air-conditioned buses then you can get a bus each ten minutes from New Delhi.

Itinerary for Swargarohini Trek

Day 01: HARIDWAR – Joshimath (257kms)

Once you have reached Haridwar from your respective states, loosen up for a night.  Wake up with the rising sun and dive in the River Ganga

Time for breakfast before we start the adventure. It is time that allows you to hop into your cabs, taking you closer to Joshimath. An exhausting 12-hour drive will take you to Joshimath.

Once you are loosen up, it’s time to discover the enthralling beauty of Joshimath.

Where comfortable beds and scrumptious meals welcome you. Stay there overnight


Start your day early with the sunrise. After a mild breakfast, keep your journey toward Badrinath. This brief and mystical drive will take you almost 5 hours. Reaching Badrinath will make you feel like getting into a dreamland.

Once you’re relaxed, discover the serenity of Mother Nature that encloses this pilgrimage site. Experience the magical isolation that surrounds Badrinath. Stay there overnight

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Day 03: BADRINATH – LAXMI VAN (Trek – 9kms)

Start your day early and enjoy the scenic splendor of dawn like no other. With a cup of tea in your hand, witness how the first rays of light make the whole place shine and shimmer. After a mild breakfast, the actual journey starts as you experience the mesmerizing drive from Badrinath to Village Mana.

The trek to Laxmi Van will take you almost 5 hours.

After trekking for a while, make certain to take a bath below the Vasudhara falls and witness the way it sends waves of calmness inside your mind.

An experience like no other, crossing boulder zones which are surrounded by of the bhojpatra trees. Pitch your tents from where you may enjoy the scenic views of the Alkapuri glacier. Stay there overnight.


Wake up with the sunrise and watch the sun rays making you shine alongside the whole place. Enjoy your tea and Breakfast in the lap of mother nature. The path from Laxmi Van to Chakratirth is enclosed with boulders.

Once you pass them, you get to witness the spellbinding splendor of Sahastradhara. Enjoy the Majestic views mountains have to offer. Once you reach Chakratirth, the path from right here will become a bit complicated and tough.

To reach the Satopanth Tal you may trek alongside the glacier when you reach the highest point of this ridge. After a long but fascinating trek to the Satopanth Tal, you spot those spellbinding views of Chaukhamba and Neelkanth. Stay there overnight


Wake up early to start your day to an astonishing sunrise. Let yourself loose in the serenity of Satopanth Lake. Before you continue your journey, ensure to take a dive in the lake and sense the way it calms your thoughts and body. Here onwards the path will become tricker, as you walk on the narrowest of trails, in which a small mistake may be life-threatening.

After hiking for 6 hours, you will approach Chandrakund in which Lord Chandrama meditated. After resting for some time, you pass ahead to reach Suryakund. One can witness the splendor of Chaukhamba peaks from Suryakund. Pitch up your tents, stay there overnight.


Today you loosen up and experience the scenic splendor of Suryakund and sense what it’s far like being enclosed withinside the hands of nature.

Spend this day for your body to get used to the climate and atmosphere, to keep away from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). A hard-earned excuse for enjoying and savoring each second of your journey.

A word for tourists who are willing to head for the extra mile to discover and find locations just like the Harshil Valley that are referred to as the valley of dreams.


Start your day early with the sunrise. After tea and breakfast, you begin hiking towards your destination today. Today’s hiking path is a steep incline and you’ll pass many crevasses along the way. Make certain to move as slow as feasible and enjoy each second, because the close-up views and scenic splendor of Himalayan Peaks will truly take your breath away.

Reach Swargarohini and witness the 3 out of the seven steps of the stairway to heaven.

Swargarohini, an area that goes hand in hand with the meaning of its name.

Find a suitable area in order to pitch your tents and set yourself free in the ecstatic shades of Nature.

Stay there overnight

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for Swargarohini Trek

How do I reach Swargarohini Trek?

The majestic Swargarohini stands in absolute dignity in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. To reach there you need to arrive at the starting point of the trek which is Badrinath, from there the destination is well connected through roads. If you’re from Delhi, Deharadun will be the nearest city.

What makes the Swargarohini trek special?

This trek is famous for its resemblance and presence in the hindu epic mahabharata as the path to heaven.

What is the best time to visit Swargarohini for trekking?

The majestic Swargarohini mountain is best to visit between May to October,as during this time of the year the weather of this place is quite warmer and does not has the chance for rain fall

Do I need a guide for this trek?

You can do this trek all by yourself however because the terrains and steep slopes are unavoidable in the course of this trek it’s far advocated to have a tour guide.

Can an amateur do this trek?

The beginning of the path is moderate, however as compared to other treks this is a tough trek. So this trek isn’t always for beginners.