Trekking is one of the most popular fun activities in India. Every year, thousands of trekkers head to the Himalayas to explore its glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and alpine meadows.                                                                                            

The Thamsar pass trek is one of the most popular treks in the Indian Himalayas. It is a challenging trek that takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The trek starts in Manali and takes you through the Pir Panjal range to the Thamsar pass lakes.

The Thamsar Trek is an ideal journey for people who are searching for a challenging trek. It is a moderate to difficult level trek and requires fitness to climb. The trek is suitable from May to October.

Key Points of Thamsar Pass Trek

AREAManali, Himachal Pradesh
DURATION10-11 Days
BEST SEASON Mid-June – Mid October
GRADEModerate to Difficult
ALTITUDE15,748 ft / 4550mts
Keypoints of Thamsar Pass Trek

Highlights of Thamsar Pass Trek

  • Observe stunning views of Kangra and Ravi valleys.
  • Opportunity to get an understanding of the way of life and culture of local Gaddi Tribes.
  • Chance to delight in the entrancing vistas of pinnacles of Lantern(5067 mts) and Thamsar (5078 mts)
  • Opportunity to explore different picturesque territories.
  • Opportunity to soak your spirits in the amazing views of Pir Pranjal ranges.

How To Reach Thamsar Pass Trek?

The trek begins from Dalhousie, the closest town to Pathankot. You can simply arrive at Dalhousie from Delhi, Pathankot, and Chandigarh.

Via Air:

The closest air terminal is Dharamshala. There are many flights like Air India and Spice Jet that run from Delhi and Chandigarh to the airport.

By Road:

Dalhousie is very much connected by every significant city like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, and Delhi. You can easily reach there by road. Either you can hire your taxi or by bus too.

Via Train:

The nearest railway station to Dalhousie is Pathankot. Many trains are easily available from the railway station to Dharamshala/McLeodganj.

Best Time To Go Thamsar Pass Trek

The Thamsar Pass trek can be gotten anytime between mid-June and mid-October. Beginning June till August, there are high possibility of seeing heavy snow on the passes and the district of Kullu-Manali might confront storm showers. The Spiti valley is generally not affected by heavy rain as weather conditions are generally bright and warm. The normal day temperature in Spiti during this season stays 12-20 °C while the temperature during the night might go from – 2 to 6 °C.

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Thamsar Pass Trek Location

Thamsar pass is a cliff standing at Ravi Valley sandwiched between the towns of Holi and Bara Bhangal on either side. Regularly used by the localities to move over to Bara Bhangal in the Kangra Valley from Kullu Valley, the Thamsar Pass ends up being an optimal gateway. The pass is home to the Ravi river which is taken care of with many small rivers ascending on the inclines of the Bara Bhangal ranges.

Itinerary of Thamsar Pass Trek

Day 1 – Jogindernagar to Barot

Reach Joginder Nagar which is available from Delhi and Chandigarh by street. Then from Jogindarnagar, drive to Barot. Rest in the guesthouse. You can enjoy adventurous activities like stone climbing and rappelling.

Day 2 – Badagran to Plachak (8530 feet)

Journey across the grand towns of Rajgundha and Kukkargandh and admire the old Himalayan style wooden places of the spot. You will be awestruck by the superb scenes of the town area. Spend your night at Plachak.

Day 3 – Plachak to Panhartu (10826 feet)

It will be a rare encounter to stroll on glaciers and snow and afterward cross the waterfall at Guhardi to arrive at the verdant meadows of Panhartu. Enjoys the astounding views around and spend the night in tents with a bonfire.

Day 4 – Thamsar Pass to Panhartu (15748 feet)

Now you will climb the Thamsar Pass which lies at an elevation of 15748 feet. You also rope up when you endeavor to cross the twin lakes which are situated at the foundation of the Pass. As you arrive at the top, you will be staggered by the magnificence of the lake on each side, Himalayan peaks like Pir Panjal, Kalihani, and the whole Bhara Bhangal encompassing you. Then return to our campground and spend your night in the camp with the warmth of a bonfire.

Day 5 – Panhartu to Rajgundha

Now you will begin diving towards Rajgundha take a small stop to have food and enjoy the excellence of the spot.

Day 6 – Billing- Bir to Palampur

Bir is the best spot to Paraglide in India. You can stroll for 3 hours from Rajgundha and take an adventurous experience of Paragliding. You can also take a taxi from Bir and enjoy your time in Himachal Pradesh by exploring local cuisine and scenic views of Himachal land.

Frequently Asked Questions For Thamsar Pass Trek

Where is Thamsar trek is located?

Thamsar trek is situated in Holi and Bara Banghal towns of Himachal Pradesh.

What is the total duration of the trek?

10-11 days including travel.

Which season is best for the Thamsar trek?

From Mid June to October.

Can we do the Thamsar trek alone?

For beginners, it’s not recommended to do this trek alone as the trek is of a difficult level.