A Country Breathes History and Adventure: Jordan

Jordan considered as one of the most important Biblical sites holds a great importance as a travel country for people of religion, history and adventure. It is located in Western Asia on the east bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is an Arab nation where you can observe the influence of Nabatean to Roman and Greek architecture on the architecture of Jordan. Moreover, it avails the facility of Visa on arrival. It is also home to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Why Should You Travel To Jordan?

Jordan holds an important place in Bible. Many references of the places in Jordan are available in Bible. Majority of its part is desert, so it can turn out an amazing desert adventure. Also, the tourists can access the red sea through the southern port city of Aqaba. Therefore, it comes with a complete package where you can learn history and carry on your adventure.

Amman: The Capital Of Jordan

Amman which is the capital of Jordan is located in the northwest part of the country. It holds many tourist attraction spots and is a great city. Amman Citadel also known as Jabal al-Qala is in the city. The citadel is on one of the seven hills which consumed the original city of Amman from where you can view the Temple of Hercules. Jordan Archaeological Museum is within the grounds. Umayyad Palace (huge water tank) and a mosque are other attractions.

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One Of The Seven Wonders Of World: Petra

Petra is among the Seven Wonders of the World. Also nicknamed as “Rose City”, Petra is a famous archaeological site in the southwestern desert of Jordan. It contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs. Petra includes Al Khazneh (which is a temple), the treasury, monastery and little Petra. It is also suggested to experience Petra at night (on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) when the treasury is lit with hundreds of paper lanterns at its base.

Wadi Rum

It is protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It resembles like Mars on Earth with the soil of the desert. Many movies are filmed at this destination. Wadi Rum features the Sandstone Mountains, prehistoric inscriptions and steep chasms like Khazali Canyon. You can experience the Hot air balloon ride in Wadi Rum as well as desert jeep safari and travel on camels in the desert.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea named as a sea is actually a lake which is at 430 meters below the sea level. It is known to contain the saltiest water on Earth. Because of too many minerals in the water, you can actually float in the water instead of drowning. However, if the water gets in contact with your eyes or mouth it causes a severe burning sensation. The mud of the Dead sea is said to be very good for the skin.

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Religious Importance Of Jordan

Jordan holds important position as a Biblical site. Al Maghtas, in Jordan is the site where Jesus was baptized. It is near the border of Israel, where both the nations are separated by the river. Mount Nebu is another such place which holds history and is mentioned in the Bible. It is said that Mount Nebu is the place where Mose had a view of the Promised Land.

Food And Stay In Jordan

Jordan is well known and popular for vegetarians. Different cuisine of vegetarian food is available here. Also, the food is said to be very hygienic and delicious.

Moreover, the hotels and resorts in Jordan are luxurious and comfortable. You can find them anywhere you go in Jordan.

Other Places To Visit In Jordan

Apart from the top attractions, there are many other places to visit in Jordan. The Roman theatre in Amman is famous and is very ancient. It is said that it could seat 60000 people and was used for shows and entertainment. Other places like Aqaba and Jerash are important destinations in Jordan.