The Grand Golden Temple & Gurudwara of Amritsar

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is one of the most majestic monuments in India. No matter which part of the country or the world you are from, you must make a visit at least once in your life. Located in the Northern part of India, in the state of Punjab, the Golden Temple is not only known for the central role in plays in the Sikh religion but is also known as the symbol of brotherhood and equality.

On may occasions, one will see people from all religions, all castes and communities visiting the temple to seek solace without any hindrance.

The Hype

I’m sure while planning your visit to India, people would have recommended you to visit the Golden Temple, and you would have questioned them, what is all the hype about? The Golden temple is a sight of beauty and spirituality that every person, whatever race, culture and faith seeks. Once you enter the temple, you will for sure realise how true the hype really is.  As you enter, the beauty of the temple hits you right in the face and almost immediately you feel like you are at home; at peace. Remember that you must cover your head and leave your shoes at the entrance out of respect. You must also wash your feet before you enter the temple.

The Temple

There are four entrances to the shrine, which signifies that all walks of people are welcome. The temple was built way back in 1577 and its dome is built with 750 kg of pure gold. It is said that the temple was founded by Guru Nanak after he was completely frustrated with caste and elaborate rituals of various religions in India. This led him to create a new religion; one that was all inclusive. The gurudwara teaches egalitarianism and how to be humbler in your life; both of which are important lessons.

The walkway of the temple is made out of marble and the temple is located in the middle of a tank. Once you enter the temple, you will find thousands of people bowing down to pray. I must say, a wave of peacefulness and spirituality hits you and you feel like you too must say a prayer before you leave.

All Walks Of Life

At the Golden Temple, you will meet a variety of people from all across the world. You will hear different kinds of conversations, each more intriguing than the other. Apart from the common, “hi where are you from”, and “what is your name”, you will often find a lot of conversations happening about the Sikh religion and culture as well. You’ll soon realise how little you know of Sikhism and you will find yourself asking more and more questions to learn about the religion.


The Golden temple not only welcomes everybody but also feeds all those who walk through its doors. It is said that the temple feeds up to 1 lakh people a day. The free kitchen is run by volunteers and the practice of feeding people for free has been on since the past 450 years! What’s more interesting is that every person eats together on the floor. You may be the richest man in India or the poorest, but at the Golden Temple, you are an equal and will treated the same. 

Be sure to also visit the temple/ at night. It is truly a sight to behold with all the beautiful lighting and light music playing in the background.