Camping sleeping bags is a lightweight insulated quilt with a zipper inside which you can sleep in your tent. It somewhat looks like a tube. It keeps you warm and protected.

Sleeping bags are of utmost importance when it comes to trekking and camping. After a long day of trekking, sleeping feels like the sweetest thing on earth. A night of good peaceful sleep is extremely important for a refreshing start the next day.


In this article, we will cover the best top 10 camping sleeping bags in budget 2023. We will also look into why we need sleeping and what are factors you should look for while buying sleeping bags.

Factors you should consider before buying a camping sleeping bag

Choosing a camping sleeping bags can look like a bit of a task, but if you know your priorities well it’s gonna be easy for you. And here we are to help you with that.

  1. The first and foremost thing you should consider before buying a sleeping bag is the level of insulation it provides. This is the most important factor when it comes to keeping you warm. There are two types of fillings: natural fiber like the goose, duck, etc, and synthetic fibers. We recommend goose fill for comfort and warmth.
  2. It should be lightweight because you don’t want to have a stressed-up back after day-long trekking.
  3. The zipper is also a very important factor that most of us tend to ignore. Go with a two-way zipper so you can allow some airflow inside the sleeping bag in case you feel hot in the middle of the night.
  4. Choose a camping sleeping bag that suits your height. It will not be an issue if you are of average height because most of the sleeping bags are suitable for you. But if you are over 6 ft tall then you must look into its size more carefully. 
  5. Go with an all-season sleeping bag unless you are professional or planning to go out in extremely harsh weather conditions that require special attention.
  6. Always buy washable camping sleeping bags because they will not smell good forever if you are not washing them properly. And washing sleeping bags can be really tricky. So, it’s best if you can put your sleeping bag in your washing machine.

Top 10 camping sleeping bags in budget 2023 in India

We have gone through a hundred of the most popular camping sleeping bags 2023 in India. After going through all of them we can suggest you the best sleeping bags for camping under budget. These are some of the highest-rated sleeping bags in India.

1. Coleman Palmetto cool weather sleeping bag (-1 to 10°C)

Coleman Palmetto sleeping bag is one of the best in class sleeping bags for camping in winter. It can keep you warm even at temperatures as low as -1.1℃. The sleeping bag features Coleman’s Comfortsmart technology that keeps you warm and comfortable in winters.


  • Suitable for temperature 30⁰ F to 50⁰ F (-1.11⁰ C to 10⁰ C).
  • It can fit an adult of up to 5ft 11 inches (180cm).
  • The sleeping bag weighs around 3.5kgs.
  • The cover is made of polyester and the sleeping bag liner is made of soft tricot fiber.
  • Features a two-way zip for extra ventilation when required.
  • This is a machine washable sleeping bag.
  • Easy to pack and fold.
  • Suitable for cold weather or winter trekking.
  • Machine washable.
  • A two-way zipper provides customizable ventilation.
  • Easy to fold and pack.
  • Weighs 3.5 kgs.
  • Not suitable for people above 6 ft.

2. Coleman 10 °C Polyester camping Sleeping Bag for backpackers (-2 to 14°C)

This Coleman sleeping is super lightweight and perfect as a backpacking camping sleeping bag. It has a single-layer Coletherm Microfibre synthetic insulation that keeps you warm and comfortable at even 10°C.


  • Suitable for temperature range -2°C to 14°C.
  • Coletherm micro filling insulation.
  • It weighs just about 0.99kg, hence making it the ideal camping sleeping bag for backpackers.
  • Washable at temperature 30°C.
  • The dimensions of the sleeping bag are 220 x 80 x 55 cm meaning it can fit a 6ft tall person.
  • The shell is made of 210T Polyester.
  • Coleman ZipPlow Zipper makes sure there is no heat loss through the zipper and zips up smoothly every time.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Easy to pack.
  • Suitable for -2°C to 14°C.
  • Washable at temperature 30°C.
  • You might require a thermal at temperatures below 5°C..

3. Trajectory Travel Sleeping Bag for Camping (4 to 14°C)

This is the best budget-friendly sleeping bag under 1500. It has all the good features with 10 years of warranty which is awesome. It can fit in 6ft tall adults and keeps you warm at temperatures ranging from 4 to 14°C. This is the perfect all-season sleeping bag you have been looking for.


  • Temperature rating 4°C to 14°C
  • All-season sleeping bag
  • It comes with a double-sided zipper.
  • The sleeping bag is made of 190D Taffeta fabric.
  • Weighs around 1.2kg.
  • Micro-fiber filling for the best comfort and lightweight sleeping bag.
  • Lightweight; weighs around 1.2kg.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Has enough space for a person up to 6ft.
  • Features a two-way zipper.
  • Not suitable for extreme weather.
  • As this is an all-season sleeping bag.

4. Rocksport sleeping bag camp lite (8-20°C)

The Rocksport camping sleeping is perfect for the outdoors. It is lightweight and budget-friendly. Although this may not be the ideal one for extreme weather conditions.


  • The temperature rating is 8 to 20°C.
  • It weighs around 1.1kg, so it is pretty lightweight.
  • Both inner and outer fabric is made of polyester.
  • The sleeping bag has enough room for adults of up to 6ft 3inches height.
  • It is also machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with a rucksack bag to carry it.
  • Lightweight; weighs around 1.1kg.
  • Has enough space for a person up to 6ft 3 inches.
  • Features a two-way zipper.
  • Machine washable.
  • Not suitable for extreme weather.

5. Coleman Sun Ridge Sleeping Bag (4-15°C)

Coleman Sun Ridge sleeping bag is a rectangular sleeping bag suitable for all-season trekking and hiking. The Thermolock technology reduces the heat loss through zippers to keep you warm and cozy during the night.


  • Suitable for temperature ranging 4 to 15°C (40 to 60°F)
  • It features thermolock system that reduces heat loss through the zipper.
  • The patented Zip-Plow two-way zipper prevents any zipper snags and zips smoothly all the way up.
  • The sleeping bag weighs about 2kg.
  • It has 3 pounds of ThermoTech insulation keeps you warm and comfortable for the whole night.
  • This is an all-season sleeping bag, not suitable for extreme winters.
  • Has enough space for a person up to 6ft.
  • Features a Zip Plow two-way zipper.
  • Features ThermoTech insulation.
  • Includes ThermoLock technology to prevent heat loss.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Machine washable.
  • Not suitable for extreme weather.
  • Not very lightweight.

6. Kefi outdoors Sleeping Bag (-10 to 0°C)

The Kefi outdoors sleeping bag is made of water-resistant nylon material. Comes with a fleece liner for extra warmth and protection. This is one of the best camping sleeping bags in budget.


  • Suitable temperature ranging from -10 to 0°C.
  • Perfectly fits any person upto 6 ft 2 inches height.
  • The sleeping bag comes with 2 year warranty.
  • It has two-way zipper so you cant open it from inside as well.
  • The sleeping bag weighs around 1.6kgs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can with stand extreme winters.
  • Temperature rating is -10°C.
  • Enough space for persons upto 6 ft 2 inches.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.
  • Two-way zipper.
  • The zipper quality could be improved

7. Rocksport Karakoram nylon sleeping bag

The Rocksport Karakoram mummy sleeping bag is a lightweight, easy-to-pack sleeping bag perfect for hiking, trekking, and camping. The fleece lined sleeping bag provides the best comfort and warmth even at temperatures as low as -2°C.


  • The sleeping bag weighs around 1.7 kg..
  • The polyfilling insulation and fleece lining keeps you warm. It also features extra padding near the chest and hooded head protection for the best comfort.
  • Easily fits in adults up to 6’3”.
  • The anti-snag high quality zippers are super easy to zip and unzip without snag.
  • Easy to wash as the sleeping bag is machine washable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Enough space for persons upto 6 ft 3 inches.
  • Anti-snag high quality zipper with velcro.
  • Extra padding for head and chest.
  • Not suitable for extreme winters.

8. Tuphen camping sleeping bag (5 to 15°C)

The Tuphen camping sleeping bag is suitable for all season and mild winters. It can keep you warm at temperatures ranging from 5 to 15°C. This is a perfect sleeping bag for beginners. 


  • Made of polyester.
  • The sleeping bag weighs about 1.5 kg.
  • Suitable temperature 5 to 15°C featuring double filling insulation.
  • The sleeping bag is machine washable.
  • Features double-zipper for extra ventilation during warm nights.
  • All-season sleeping bag.
  • Lightweight
  • All-season sleeping bag.
  • Double filling insulation for comfort and warmth.
  • Double zipper for required ventilation.
  • Machine washable.
  • The material quality is not great.
  • Not very spacious.

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9. Iris 3-season envelope sleeping bag for camping (5 to 20°C)

The Iris sleeping bag is suitable for beginners. It is a 3-season camping sleeping bag that can keep you warm at temperature 5°C. The hollow-fiber polyester filling makes it perfect for late summer, autumn and early winter camping. You can also open it up and use it as carpet or quilt in your tent.


  • Made of polyester.
  • The sleeping is made of 170T polyester filled with hollow fiber insulation.
  • The ultralight sleeping bag weighs just about 1kg making it perfect choice for backpacking.
  • It can be opened up completely to be used as a carpet or a quilt even.
  • Suitable for temperature ranging from 5 to 20°C making it a perfect 3-season sleeping bag.
  • Can easily fit in a person upto 6.5ft.
  • The hood comes with a drawstring to keep your head and neck warm.
  • Zippers are double sided for ease.
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Hollow-fiber cotton insulation; skin-friendly.
  • You can customize it and use it as a quilt or carpet.
  • Perfect for 6.5ft people.
  • The material and built- quality is not great.

10. Coleman Duck Harbor sleeping bag (-1 to 10°C)

Last but not the least, the Coleman Duck Harbor sleeping bag is for professional camping and trekking. It features all the good things you would need. It has a cotton liner, none of the other camping sleeping bags in our list features a cotton liner. It makes you more comfortable and more skin-friendly.


  • 100% cotton liner and cotton cover for maximum comfort.
  • Fits persons up to 5ft 11inches.
  • Temperature rating -1 to 10°C (30F to 50F).
  • Weighs around 2.7kg.
  • Features zip-plow technology for snag-free zipping.
  • Easy to wrap and roll.
  • Machine washable.
  • Coletherm insulation with cotton cover and liner for maximum comfort.
  • Zip-plow two-way zipper.
  • Machine washable.
  • Expensive.Weighs about 2.7kg.

Final Conclusion for Top 10 Camping Sleeping Bags in Budget 2024

For the best trekking and camping experience, sleep is very crucial. A peaceful sleep is an absolute necessity for a fresh and energetic wake-up the next morning. To make sure you sleep like a baby even during your trek, we have curated a list of Top 10 camping sleeping bags in budget 2023. 

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You can find all of them on we have discussed all the necessary details along with pros and cons.

We have included everything from backpack sleeping bag, sleeping bag for winter, camping sleeping bag for beginners as well as professionals etc. So we can assure you, after going through the article you can find your favorite sleeping bag for your next trek.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Top 10 Camping Sleeping Bags in Budget 2024

Why do I need a waterproof sleeping bag?

Waterproof sleeping bags are necessary only if you are planning your camp during rainy seasons. Because during rainy season the ground can feel damp if you do not have the best quality tent.

How to pack a sleeping bag?

Almost all the sleeping bags in our list come with a stuff bag for packing. They are easy to fold and pack. You can easily roll a sleeping bag unless otherwise mentioned and stuff it into your stuff bag.

Do sleeping bags come with pillow?

Sleeping bags do not usually come with pillow because it makes the sleeping bag mor bulgy. You can buy an inflatable pillow for your trekking purposes.

Why do I need a sleeping bag? Why are sleeping bags important?

Sleeping bags are extremely important for winter treks or extreme cold conditions. They provide thermal insulation in cold weathers. It is used not only for warmth, but also for comfort and coziness.