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‘There is no greater love than the love for food’ by Bernard Shaw is one of the most honest words ever spoken. Being a total foodie, I’ve realized that no trip or adventure is ever complete without exploring the exemplary dishes of that place. After all, food is all that we live for. So, it’s important you make a list of the Food To Try Before You Die.


While making tons of money and paving the perfect pathway of career are considered the good things in life, what are the finer things that go missing? Well, it’s the food that we taste around whose remains stay in our mouth for a lifetime.

Well, not technically, but yes, the taste is memory is a thing that lasts forever. Imagine eating a big bowl of the classic Korean dish or a Belgian whipped cream before you’re buried six feet under? Magical, isn’t it?

So, here I am going to share my list of “Top 10 Food To Try Before You Die”.

Chole Bhature, India

If its bread and butter in English then we have our own desi version of ‘Chhole Bhature’.This lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine is a staple breakfast in the majority of Punjabi Households. Mouthwatering green peas cooked in traditional Punjabi spices and curry along with fried bread is enough to salivate your taste buds.

Momos, Tibet

There is no second opinion about why momos are one of the best Tibetian street food. A migratory food, however, momos is native to Tibet and Nepal. So, a spicy roadside cuisine with tangy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with veggies or meat are all set to devour your mouth the moment you put it in.

Shawarma, Dubai

The extravagance and glamour of middle east countries can be traced to its drooling delicacies that we find worldwide. One such is the shawarma that comes with mouthwatering slow-cooked meat mixed with the perfect amount of sauces wrapped in tortillas. Shawarma is prepared with lots of care and intricacies in the sense that the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts right there, giving you the feeling of ‘Jannat’ altogether.

Pizza Capricciosa, Italy

How can we miss out the freshly Baked Oven Pizzas of Italy? It definitely deserved to be on the list of Top 10 Food to Try before you die for its incredible taste and presentation. Topped with marinara sauce, baked ham, mushroom, artichoke, and tomato, and pizzapugliese, prepared with tomato, mozzarella and onions, is supposedly one of the most ancient traditional pizzas of the country.

Spring Rolls, Vietnam

Spring rolls play a huge role in Asian cuisine, and Vietnam is no exception. A popular Vietnamese spring roll dish is nem nuong cuon, which is grilled pork sausage wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, daikon, and mint served with a (usually secret) special sauce.

Gnocchi, Uruguay

Unless you’ve been to Uruguay on the 29th of the month, you’ve probably never heard of Dia de Noquis or Gnocchi Day. The custom of eating gnocchi on the 29th is simple. By the end of the month money has run out, and the combination of potatoes, flour, and an egg makes for a budget-friendly dish. Many Uruguayan restaurants advertise their gnocchi dishes, and a favorite is a classic, noqui de papa, or potato gnocchi.

Cevapcici, Balkan

Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro may have a divided history, but cevapcici is a fan favorite across all borders. Depending on where you are in the Balkans, the type of meat used in the dish may differ—usually pork, lamb, beef, or a combination of the three. Cevapcici is prepared with onions and garlic and then grilled, boiled, or fried. Five to 10 finger-sized pieces of sausage are often served with home-baked bread used to make sandwiches.

Kangaroo Meat Burger, Australia

Kangaroo has long been eaten by Australia‘s Aborigines. The meat has lots of protein but very little fat. It can be prepared much the same as other meats—as a roast, skewered, or made into sausages or medallions. The meat is best-cooked medium-rare to medium in order to capture the flavors. It’s then wrapped into lettuce, cheese, and mustard sauce. And then, it’s all ready to be devoured by your mouth.

Churros And Chocolate

As if the sugar-coated, crispy pastry deliciousness of a Spanish churroweren’t enough, try dunking the fried dough into a steaming cup of thick hot chocolate. Forget a bowl of cereal or a plate of scrambled eggs; churros and chocolate are how the Spaniards take their breakfast. 

Gelato, Rome

If you can walk past a gelateria in Rome and not press your nose eagerly against the window, then you have the willpower of a saint. Giant towers of heaping, soft gelato are piled in tempting mounds, in endless flavours. Leave with a chocolate waffle cone filled with creamy, soft ice cream and a Mr. Whippy will never seem the same again. Hence, it’s a must among the list of Top Foods to Try Before You Die.