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Do You Know These Astonishing Facts About Mount Everest?


Mount Everest, the highest mountain above sea level, is no less than a mystery land. There are numerous facts that are not known about Mount Everest.

We have got you some jaw-dropping facts about Mount Everest

– Mount Everest was discovered by George Everest in 1841.

Everest becomes 4mm higher consistently because of geologic elevate.

– Apa Sherpa and Phurba Sherpa have set a record of 21 successful summits of Mount Everest…

– Nepalese call Mount Everest as Sagarmatha meaning “Forehead Of The Sky”.


– Yuichiro Muira from Japan is the eldest person to climb Mount Everest. He completed the summit at the age of 80.

– Tom Whittaker is the first disabled mountaineer to have completed the summit in 1948. He lost his right foot in a car accident but pursued his passion with utmost determination.

– 1974 is regarded as the maiden year because no one attempted to climb Mount Everest in this year.

– A Nepalese couple actually got wed in 10 minutes at the summit.

– Kushang Sherpa is the only individual to have climbed Everest from all four sides.

– According to Nepal height of Everest is 8848m whereas the Chinese government has declared it to be 8844m.

– There are approximately 200 dead bodies on the mountain that are used as a signal for mountaineers on the wrong path.