“Bangkok, One Of The Most Touristic City Out There, It’s Special, It’s Magical”

Bangkok is magical! Bangkok is a combination of Old and New, but to say it like that and to write those words doesn’t do any justice to what appears, or one can see and experience in the city itself.



The terms “Old and New” related to Bangkok’s past times, things that capture the sense of the city for years and the change that comes along with modern years.


The buildings, for example, you can easily see a new impressive luxury building attached to an old crumble structure. Or young and extremely fashionable girls and boys in luxury shopping malls and just outside you’ll find an old-fashion man or a woman riding a bicycle selling lottery tickets without understanding a word of English. Or even a hundreds of years Temples in from a luxury hotel in Bangkok.


Know About The Old Bangkok

Of course, we going to start with the “Old” because well it comes first. There is no doubt that the people of Bangkok maintain the ‘old’ and it makes the city unique, let see some “old” stuff that characterized the Bangkok.



As a first-timer in Bangkok for sure your nose will be shocked from the smells of the food surrounding the inner city, (Well not everywhere but it’s here), the smells come from endless food vendors around the city, it could be a whole streets full with outside sidewalk restaurants or stalls that come out in a certain hours and pull out some small tables and chairs, some even has an attached trolly to a motorcycle and the just stops here and there and sells there goodies. That all make Bangkok Very colorful.



Tuktuk, one can not be ignored that colorful machinery that makes a lot of noise, smokey and drive like crazy around Bangkok, Tutktuk is one of Bangkok’s symbols, it is quick and very photogenic, but it does represent the old Bangkok let say in transportation subject and compared to today’s.


All over the city and in Thailand, in general, you can come across temples from all shape and sizes, golden temples with huge statues of Buddha and eastern elements, it’s unique and makes it really magical to travel in them and even just to see them as an important part of Bangkok’s view.

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Know About The NEW Bangkok


The New Bangkok brings us the tourist some cool, chic and useful things to see and do, things like shopping malls, transportation, attractions, nightlife etc..


Everyone knows that Bangkok is THE place to do some shopping, and we are talking about “Hardcore” shopping, to satisfied the Shopaholic in you. There are extremely beautiful and huge shopping malls along Sukhumvit road/Ploen Chit/Rama I.


Some of the shopping malls are luxury with fashionable and popular brands, malls like Siam Paragon, Emquartier, Gaysorn Village, Central Embassy  and more, some are cool and contain all kind of stores from all over, names like Terminal 21, Central World, and some boutique/chic style shopping malls like Siam Center and Siam Discovery, and one MBK.



There are Wholesale shopping malls with cheap clothing fashion and all kind of accessories around Phetchaburi rd. There are cool and hyp markets all over the city, in them you can shop from clothes to masks, belts to art and much more.


Hotels in Bangkok, well this is an important issue, and the reason is that Bangkok has a lot to offer in that matter, new style hotels with great service and facilities, such as modern but old-fashioned Spas, view of the city, river etc.. and most of them cheaper than you think.



Imagine yourself waking up in one of the new or modern hotels around the riverside, with a view of the old city, temples etc.. ordering a room service, and enjoying what Bangkok has to offer.


We think the best way to book hotels in Bangkok is to look at it as part of the experience of the trip and not just a place to lay your head, if there is a location to do so it’s Bangkok.



We’ve mentioned transportation before as part of the Old Bangkok, but no doubt the New Bangkok has quite comfortable and useful transportation system with the MRT and BTS trains, it will take you to the other side of the city quick and safe. And if we are on the subject of transportation so we definitely can see around the city more stylish motorcycles rushing around the city.

In Summary

Bangkok is unique and magical, part of what makes the city like that is the combination that we mentioned in the article, New and Old. You can write books about the subject get the idea.