Trek is never just a path or trail you walk upon, it’s the adrenaline rush and the excitement to explore the untouched. Trekking has always been an escape for all of us from our chaotic fast-paced lives to the stillness of nature.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. 

Best Winter Treks To Do In India
Best Winter Treks To Do In India

Trekking is not just about climbing a mountain or two, it’s about watching the wildflowers sway to the beat of the breeze, it’s about sunrises and sunsets on the bank of a stream, it’s about starry nights and scary heights, it’s about the paths not taken and grounds not walked, it’s about the rains we never felt and the rainbows we never saw. These winter treks in India are where the beauty and danger walk alongside. 

Trekking feeds the souls of wanderers like you and me. Trekking is an enthralling experience that can prove to be life-changing, it requires determination, willingness, and the fire to not give up, to climb all the way up and scream on top of your lungs.

Here we discuss the “Winter Treks To Do In India”, you have to tick off of your bucket list.

Tibet Winter Treks To Do In India

1. Chadar Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek
Chadar Trek: Winter Treks To Do In India

The Zanskar River freezes during winter thereby forming a clear sheet of ice called by locals as Chadar and also the name of this winter trek in India. This trek holds the secret to the beauty of the Himalayas and enables the person to enjoy the snow-clad mountains and the beautiful city of Leh.

This winter trek will take you from the calmest of villages to the thin strips of icy rivers, from the ultimate thrill to the extremities of nature you never imagined. The experience of a lifetime you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Total Distance105 km or 65 miles
Total Time13 days and 12 nights
Best Time to visitJan. – Feb
Difficulty Level Difficult
Altitude12631.2 ft
Approx. cost (per adult)52,000
Chadar Trek Highlights: Winter Treks To Do In India

2. Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek: Winter Treks To Do In India

Markha is the true definition of Barren Beauty, The most majestic and vast river valley of Ladakh in The Hemis National Park. The flora and fauna of the national park are a sight to behold.

The Winter trek in India walks through the Monasteries and Temples preserved by the villagers to hold onto their ancestry and take you back to the times of simpler life. This valley takes you back in time and offers the most enticing views of, one of the rarest and most adventurous winter treks to do in India. 

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Total Distance65km
Total Time8 Days
Best Time to VisitJuly – November
Difficulty levelModerate-Difficult
Altitude17100 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)18,000 – 21,000
Markha Valley Trek Highlights: Winter Treks To Do In India

Uttarakhand Winter Treks To Do In India

3. Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek Route
Dayara Bugyal Trek: Winter Treks To Do In India

This winter trek in India offers the most breathtaking sight of the Country’s Highest Rolling Meadows alongside a view of the Gangotri Mountain Range. The winter trek is an unspeakable pinnacle from the scenery to the diversity of seasons and it’s built for beginners and experts alike.

From the snowy tops to the autumn orange leaves of maple and oak making you a prisoner to their beauty. This is the best winter trek to do in India, to step foot in the Himalayas and be rewarded by the inconceivable landscapes.

Total Distance29 km
Total Time6 Days
Best Time to VisitMay – July, Mid Aug – Mid Oct & Dec – Feb
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Altitude11,950 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)6,000 – 11,000
Dayara Bugyal Trek Highlights: Winter Treks To Do In India

4. Brahma Tal Trek

Brahma Tal Trek: Winter Treks To Do In India

As the name itself suggests this winter trek in India, is devoted to Lord Brahma, the shrine sitting on the edge of the alpine lake, and just beyond its rim is the sight you will never forget, the most beautiful mountains amidst the Himalayas – Mt Trishul and Mt Nandaghunti.

The trail wanders through the mystic forests of oak and rhododendrons. The calmness and the essence of spirituality in the air will leave you spellbound and fall in love with this winter trek.

Total Distance22 km
Total Time6 Days
Best Time to VisitDecember-March
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Altitude12,250 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)6,000 – 12,000
Dayara Bugyal Trek Highlights: Winter Treks To Do In India

5. Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Rupin Pass Trek
Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

The view of the Chaukhambha Range peaks standing in front of you makes this winter trek in India, the perfect destination to have your fill of nature. The summers are filled with cattle grazing, horses in all their glory enjoying the fresh grass, flowers swaying to the tunes of the wind, and the lush meadows calling out for you to take a deep breath and relieve all your life’s stress. These winter treks to do in India are among the most popular and soul-filling.

Total Distance31 km
Total Time6 Days and 5 Nights
Best Time to VisitMid March-June and September-October
Difficulty levelModerate
Altitude11,686 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)9,000 – 12,000
Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

6. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek
Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

This winter trek offers you a vantage point at The infamous Tungnath Temple, the world’s highest Shiva temple. The trek gives a paranormal view of majestic and holy mountains like Gauri Parbhat, Hathi Parbhat, Gangotri Range, Kedarnath, Kedar dome, and many more.

You will be left speechless by the rewarding landscape being incomparable to the efforts being put in. This winter trek is one of its kind and at the top of the bucket list of winter treks to do in India for any and all travelers.

Total Distance30 km
Total Time6 Days
Best Time to VisitRound the year except for monsoons
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Altitude12,083 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)7,000 – 11,000
Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

7. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Sunset View
Kedarkantha Sunset View

Not to get it confused with the famous Kedarnath Temple, Kedarkantha is one of the most popular and promising winter treks to do in India, often called the “Queen of Winter Treks”. The trek takes you through the dense pine forests of the Govind National Park to the clearings which are too beautiful to be true.

The trek is for all, from beginners to experts looking to bask in the unmatched beauty of the Himalayas alongside the most tranquil streams, rivers, and old mythological tales to have their fill of memories. 

Total Distance20 km
Total Time6 Days and 5 Nights
Best Time to VisitNovember – April
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Altitude12,500 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)4500 – 11,000
Kedarkantha Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

8. Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Tapovan Trek
Kuari Pass Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Situated in the Nanda Devi National Park and offering a full view of India’s second highest peak, Mt Nanda Devi, Kuari Pass is the ultimate winter trek to do in India. The trek showcases the summit view of Dronagiri, Chitrakanta, Chaukhamba, and Tali Top.

The trek passes to the thickest of forests filled with rhododendrons, the highest of canopies and opens into the lush meadows offering the campsite of your dreams and the brilliance of nature. The flora and fauna leave you wanting to visit this Beauty of a winter trek in India, again and again.

Total Distance33 km
Total Time6 Days and 5 Nights
Best Time to VisitJune-September to early November
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Altitude12,598 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)8,000 – 11,000
Kuari Pass Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

9. Har-ki-dun

Har Ki Dun: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Har-Ki-Dun Trek offers the most surreal view of the unseen valleys of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is a cradle-shaped valley situated in the eye of Govind Vallabh Pant National Park.

This winter trek in India, is among some of the most offbeat and easy treks, giving you an experience of everything from lush green valleys to the pine forest covering the snow-clad mountains. The main highlights are Swargarohini peaks, Kala Nag, etc.

Total distance54 km
Total Time6-7 Days
Best Time to VisitApril-June & September-December
Difficulty LevelEasy
Altitude11,850 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)8,000 – 18,000
Har Ki Dun Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

10. Nag Tibba

This trek is among the most beautiful and short winter treks to do in India, with the ultimate summit of the highest peak of the Nag Tibba Range of The Garhwal Himalayas, giving you a paranormal view of Himalayan Ranges such as Swarghrohini, Kala Nag, Srikantha, Gangotri, and Bandarpoonch.

Nag Tibba Camps
Nag Tibba Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

The trek walks alongside the most beautiful of sceneries and the thickest of forests to the calmest of streams. The trek is the perfect getaway for your short weekend winter trek, breathe in the fresh air and have a relaxing cup of tea.

Total Distance15 km
Total Time2 Days
Best Time to VisitApril-June and October-December
Difficulty LevelEasy-Moderate
Altitude9806 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)1300 – 3500
Nag Tibba Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

11. Pangarchulla Peak

Pangarchulla Peak
Pangarchulla Peak: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Situated in the Nanda Devi National Park, this winter trek in India, takes you to the ultimate summit to explore the unknown and unspeakable beauty of nature. The mind-boggling combination of dense forests, diversity of fauna, snow-clad peaks, and rugged terrain will leave you astounded and amazed at the creations of nature.

Total Distance38 km
Total Time7 Days
Best Time to VisitApril, May, October and November
Difficulty levelDifficult
Altitude15,069 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)9,000 – 14,000
Pangarchulla Peak Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Himachal Pradesh Winter Treks To Do In India

12. Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

The beautiful glacial lake of Kareri has an untold charm. The winter trek in India, is a walk through the low canopies of pines, especially chir and chilgoza pines. The unfathomable greenery and the bird density will leave you amazed by this alluring winter trek. 

Total Distance13 km
Total Time5-6 hrs
Best Time to VisitMay-July and September-November
Difficulty LevelEasy
Altitude9,650 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)2500-5,000
Kareri Lake Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

13. Triund Trek

Triund Trek
Triund Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

This winter trek in India, actually teaches us that the smallest of things and places can be most beautiful. Camping under the starry sky of Mcleodganj, Dharamshala is just the feeling. The perfect winter trek for beginners and a short holiday where you get the most surreal of experiences with minimum effort.

Total Distance14 km
Total Time2 Days and 1 Night
Best Time to VisitMarch-December
Difficulty LevelEasy-Moderate
Altitude9,500 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)1,000 – 2,000
Triund Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Sikkim Winter Treks To Do In India

14. Goecha La Trek

Goechala Trek Peak View
Goechala Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

The infamous GoechaLa winter trek in India, is the home to view many of the biggest mountain ranges of the world especially the ones in Nepal and also the third highest peak, Mt Kanchenjunga.

The trek is a path through the dense Rhododendron Forests which in the summer season April-May is filled with stretches of blooming pink and red flowers mesmerizing you with their fragrance and unimaginable wild beauty. The clear summer skies are perfect for the sunrises, sunsets and stargazing, the nature’s wonders we all long for.

Total Distance90 km
Total Time10 Days and 9 Nights
Best Time to VisitApril-May and September-November
Difficulty levelDifficult
Altitude16,207 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)15,000 – 19,000
Goechala Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

West Bengal Winter Treks To Do In India

 15. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek Sunrise
Sandakphu Trek: Winter Best Treks To Do In India

Known as the “Trekkers Wonderland” it is found at the edge of Singalila National Park in West Bengal and it is also the highest point in the state. It is one of the rarest treks on Earth and among the topmost winter treks to do in  India, from where you can see some of the highest peaks in the world standing in all their glory.

On the right, you see Lhotse and Makalu the 4th and 5th highest peaks in the world and Everest being the tallest. On the left, you see Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak with its family of peaks popularly known as Sleeping Buddha.

Total distance46 km
Total Time7 Days 6 Nights
Best Time to VisitRound the year except for May-August (Rainy Season)
Difficulty LevelModerate
Altitude11,930 ft
Approx. Cost (per adult)9,000 – 11,000
Sandakphu Trek Highlights: Winter Best Treks To Do In India


Trekking is the way we humans try to satisfy our cravings for nature and consume the handful of beauty our eyes can see. But we sometimes forget that nature has a right to itself first and we are secondary, we don’t treat these bizarre beauties with utmost care and pollute them.

So always remember, Whenever we are in nature our first duty is to protect it and not destroy it. We take nature for granted and if we continue with this attitude a day will come when these treks and experiences will be far gone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions for Best Treks To Do In India

What is the ideal age for trekking?

The people aged from 16-55 yrs are the said age, but there is the hard and fast rule as long as you are healthy enough you won’t be devoid of the thrill of trekking

What kind of shoes are required for trekking?

Don’t go for any kind of designer, fashionable or high-brand shoes, just find the ones with good grip, waterproof material, and strong enough to support your feet while climbing or trekking up a mountain.

Can I go for a trek alone?

Treks are considered safe when done in groups and also eliminate the possibility of getting lost, ensuring you are safe and sound even in harsh weather and a local guide can be the one to save you from the most unexpected situations.

Do I need to carry a first aid kit on the trek? 

Treks are unexpected and so is the human body, it is always good to have your own personal medicines and first aid kit as it helps to avoid the reactions a generalized medicine can cause to your body and also helps in a tension-free journey.

How to keep healthy and active during trekking?

Keep yourself hydrated, don’t touch each and every plant you see they may or may not be harmful, take frequent breaks, and don’t over-exert yourself.

How to prepare yourself for a trek?

Start doing 30 mins or 1hr of daily brisk walking and some basic exercises like squats, jumping, etc for at least 15 days, so that your body can easily adapt to the situation while walking.

Which is the Highest Trek in India?

Stok Kangri Trek of Ladhak at the altitude of 20,187 ft is the highest trek in India.

Is it safe to do winter treks in India?

All treks are safe until and unless done with utmost precaution and in the guidance of experts. The said winter treks are not so difficult and actually have an unspeakable charm to them, all you need is the right gears and resources.

What kind of clothes do I take for my winter trek?

The clothes don’t have to be fashionable or a specific type. The clothes should be just comfortable, breathable, and can be layered easily as the temperatures increase on ascend and decrease on the descent. 

Do I need to get a medical check-up before my trek?

A medical checkup before the trek would be advisable as it gives you a recent picture of your body and can help in preventing any mishaps during trekking. Also, you can have prescribed medicines from your doctor for particular allergies or injuries. 

What documents do I need to carry for my trek?

Valid id proof is necessary and also other documents asked by the group leader or guide you are trekking with, have your documents laminated so that in case they fell somewhere dirty or wet the documents would be safe. Also, have your documents scanned and saved offline on your mobile phone as the documents can be misplaced or the internet may not be working.

Best time to do treks in Uttarakhand?

The best time would be April-June and October-November.