Karwar emerges as a serene heaven full of peace and serenity amidst nature’s bounty. It is nestled along azure Arabian Sea. It is a beautiful town in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Extremely picturesque the town has an ample number of temples, forts and beaches that attract an array of tourists.

It is very well recognized for its platonic beauty, natural surroundings, thriving lush hills, exquisite scenery and magnificent mountains. Karwar lies at the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The culture here is an amalgam of both Kannada and Marathi cultures. This town is also known as ‘Kone’ by the Southern villagers residing here. This denotes the corner of the region of the Kali river.

Karwar is a multicultural destination with Konkani, Kannada and Marathi speaking communities. It is also famous for the historic monuments and brilliant architectural pieces and scenic landscapes. Karwar is present at an elevation of  20 ft. above sea level. Around 2,28,777 people live around this area. History of Karwar dates back to 1857.

Delhi to Karwar distance is about 2,024.7 km and it will require a drive of 36 hrs or more to reach there.

About Delhi

Delhi is also known by the name of “Dilli”. It is capital of the India, also known as “the heart of nation”. The history of Delhi dates back to 1052 AD. It was founded by Anangpal Tomar. The word Delhi came to existence when Raja Dhillu established a city near the site that is currently known by the name of Qutub Minar.

It was ruled by Tomars, Mughals, Chauhans and Gautamas. Delhi has been one of the most important places of the nation. It is epicentre of politics as it has headquarters of the main pillars of India’s democracy including, legislature, executive and judiciary.

Delhi is famous for its heritage sites such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India gate etc. It is Known for its local silver smiths who expertise in the art of making silver tea sets, silver jewellery and showpieces. Meena Bazaar and Chandni Chowk, are also factors of attraction for the tourists.

About Karwar

Karwar is a town and the administrative headquarters of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. It lies on the west coast of South India at the mouth of the Kali River near Goa – Karnataka Border. Karwar is one of the top beach destinations in Karnataka. Karwar derived its name from the nearby village of Kadwad. Kade means last and wado means area. Before Indian independence, the name Karwar was spelt Carwar. 

The town has lovely beaches, beautiful temples and Forts attracting a large number of tourists. Karwar Beach, Devbagh Beach, Sadashivgad, Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat, Durga Temple, Kaju Bagh Beach, Kurumgad Island, Naganatha Temple, Narasimha Temple, Koodi Bagh Beach, and Venkataramana Temple are the popular places to visit.

The town is famous for coconut, cashew and it’s local cuisine fish curry. This city inspired Rabindranath Tagore and he wrote ‘Prakritir Pratishodha’, a dramatic poem that describes the beauty of Karwar. He said “The sea beach of Karwar is certainly a fit place which makes you realize that the beauty of Nature is not just a mirage of the imagination” .

Karwar comprises of references to some of the most scenic and exhilarating spots from the city. It is often regarded as one of the key tourist places from the district. With plenty of tourist spots, this city has won the hearts of its visitors. From nature lovers to adventure enthusiasts and history admirers, the city has everything to offer and makes your trip a memorable one for you.

History of Karwar

Karwar township was built by the British in the year 1857 after the Mutiny. Karwar is popularly known as the “Kashmir of Karnataka”. Prior to 1857, Karwar did not exist as a town. This is an ancient city majorly used for the sea trade, visited by the Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and later the British. 

During the 18th century, this city was part of the Maratha Empire and became a British territory after the defeat of the Marathas in the Third Anglo-Maratha War. Until 1950, it was a part of the Bombay Presidency.

After the mutiny of 1857, the British made division of Canara District into two parts as South Canara with headquarters at Mangalore attached to Madras Presidency and North Canara with headquarters at the newly built town Karwar, which was attached to Bombay Presidency. It is a planned city like Panaji, Mumbai, Dharwad, and Bengaluru. 

Delhi To Karwar Distance Key Points 

AreaKarwar, Uttar Kannada 
Elevation 20 ft.
Duration October to March 
Best season October 
Weather Mild
Delhi To Karwar Distance Key Points 

Delhi To Karwar Distance Highlights

  • Karwar is a complete destination which is an ideal tourist spot for everyone. It provides you shot of adrenaline through its adventurous water sports activities. It is home to several beaches like Majali beach, Devbagh Beach etc.
  • There are also historical sites and museums which gives you essence of historical heritage of the region. It gives you chance to know about the culture and tradition of the area.
  • Karwar makes you witness the beauty of serenity and peace around it’s shores. The beautiful landscapes, palm trees, and blue water carrying marine beauty makes this place worth visit.

Delhi To Karwar Distance: Places To Visit In Karwar

1. Kurumgad Island

Kurumgad island is charismatic island shaped like a tortoise. It is known as a hub for water sports and adrenaline activities. It is one of the five major islands in Karwar and is dotted with lush green palm trees which contribute to its unspoiled beauty. The island is frequented by both adventure enthusiasts and pilgrims as it also houses the famous Narasimha Temple. 

 The hilltop Narasimha Temple attracts thousands of devotees during the annual jatra held on Pushya Purnima every year in early January. One has to climb the mountain to access the temple and thus the trekkers can have some good time here. Large number of people from Goa & Karnataka flocks to this island in January to offer prayers to Lord Narasimha. 

There are palm trees along the coastline and the sight of the grey sea is simply soothing for the eyes. Kurumgad is famous for water sports. Tourists can enjoy exotic beach walks, nature walks, swimming, fishing, bonfires and barbecues, dolphin spotting, boat rides and beach volleyball. There are many sea animals such as otters and dolphins that can be found near the island.

You can also find a deserted lighthouse at this place which further adds to its charm. With its ardent beauty and enthusiastic vibe, Kurumgad Island is undoubtedly among the top-notch tourist places in Karwar.

2. Majali Beach

Majali Beach is home to bountiful of sea-facing cottages and resorts which provide top class amenities to their visitors. Majali Beach is a renowned attraction In Karwar and is known for its sea facing cottages and resorts. Majali Beach Village offers six Row Cottages with all the modern amenities. 

Apart from this, the resort also boasts of wonderful Wood House and Tree House. The resorts located along the beach provide with facilities like private balcony, sit-outs, in-house laundry and many more. Majali Beach Village has a fine restaurant that offers delicious local and coastal cuisine.

This Resort also offers recreation facilities like boating, fishing, kayaking, pedaling, a swing on the lake etc. Cruises to the Tilmati Beach, with its unique stretch of black sand, trips to the islands nearby, dolphin watching, river cruises, rock climbing, visit to ship wreck, bird watching, and much more. It is beautiful to see the sunset in the evening.

3. Warship Museum

The INS Warship Museum is situated on the beautiful Rabindranath Tagore Beach. The museum is named after a Russian made OSA missile boat, named INS Chapal. Popularly known as K94, Warship Museum is a 245-ton ship which is remembered for its performance in the Indo-Pak war of 1971 

After its long tenure of dedicated service, it was decided to turn INS Chapal (K94) into a museum ship in 2006. It was brought to the Karwar Beach from the Agra INS Kadamba naval base. The ship is now positioned on a concrete platform so that the rising of sea water does not create any chemical impact on the ship. The entire process of setting up the museum ship was filmed and this video is available to visitors.

Being Missile Boat, INS Chapal provides enormous information on sea warfare with the artifacts and other good collections exhibited in this museum. The museum is home to mannequins dressed as doctors, sailors and captains as well as replicas of the missiles used and the food served on board. The view from top of the ship to Arabian Sea during sunset is excellent. If you are a history lover, Warship Museum is one of the key places to visit in Karwar.

4. Devbagh Beach

Devbagh is a private beach that forms an ideal getaway destination for peace seekers and couples. This magnificent beach is cradled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It is majorly known for its golden sand and ethereal backdrops. Devbagh is also a popular name among the adventure enthusiasts. With white seagulls flying across the backdrop of a softly lit coral sky, this destination creates a delightful view. 

The scenic beauty of this beach can be cherished for long after you leave. The beach is an untouched beauty, sandwiched between the magnificent Western Ghats and the mighty Arabian Sea. One can hear the gentle crashing of the waves, and watch the majestic sun disappear into the ocean giving way to a velvety moonlit night. 

You can also try their hand at some thrilling adventure sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, parachute riding, banana ride, speed boating among many others. And if you’re in luck, you might even spot a dolphin. Whether you choose to stay at a grand Resort or a simpler homestay, Devbagh has a treat for everyone.

Delhi To Karwar Distance: Places To Visit Near Karwar

1. Binaga Beach

Binaga Beach is famous for its picturesque beauty and Our Lady of St. Anne’s Church which was built by the Portuguese. The beach is about a mile away from Anjidiv island located on the state border. It is also the location of Project Seabird, an Indian Naval base. Tourists often visit for a leisurely stroll along the wide, long stretch of sandy beach and for the spectacular sunset view.

It is a serene and secluded beach located near the town of Karwar. The beach is known for its natural beauty, clear waters, and golden sands. It is a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beach is less crowded compared to other beaches in the region.

The beach Is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, and visitors can indulge in various water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. The beach’s calm and clear waters are perfect for a refreshing swim.

2. Koodi Bagh Beach

Located at the meeting of the Arabian Sea and the Kali river, this beautiful beach is a serene getaway for locals and tourists visiting Karwar. It Is a hidden gem that is lesser known among tourists, making it an ideal destination for those seeking solitude and peace.

 The Koodi Bagh Beach is situated near the INS Chapal Warship Museum and is surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain. The beach is also an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts, who can explore the surrounding forest area and spot a variety of flora and fauna.

The beach offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea, and visitors can witness mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises. There are all types of water sports are available at this beach such as canoeing, kayaking, banana boat and more. Palm trees are seen here in abundance. Fishermen’s houses dot the beach. 

3. Tilmati Beach

Blessed with immense beauty and serene atmosphere, this beach is one of the many unexplored places to visit in Karwar. The awe-inspiring views of Arabian sea from this beach is what sets it apart from other tourist attractions in the region. If you wish to make the most out of your Karwar trip, visit this place during the sunset hours as the sunset view from Tilmati Beach is truly irresistible.

This beach is clean and is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. One can enjoy some of the recreational facilities provided nearby. It offers a range of activities like kayaking, rowing, pedaling, and nature walks. The high-speed boat trip is an extravaganza not to be missed. Rock climbing, dolphin watching, bird watching, and cruise ride are other activities that kept visitors busy throughout the day.

A large number of vacationers visit here for night camping and stargazing experience as well.  Tilmati is also popular among the locals as the black sand beach. It is believed that Arabian sea brings the black sand of river Kali to the shores of the beach.


4. Sadashivgadh Fort

Sadashivgad fort was built in 1715 AD by Basavling Raja of Sonda and named it as Sadashivgad after his father Sadashivling Raja. The fort has witnessed the transfer of power between many rulers. This fort is built atop a hill on the north bank of the Kali river, hence giving a beautiful view of the setting sun. 

The Durga temple is situated in this fort, the Shantadurga deity being installed by Shivaji for the locals to worship. This fort offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the Kali River. The fort has a rich history and is considered an important monument of the Maratha empire.

This fort gives us chance to understand the role it played in the region’s history. The fort is surrounded by lush greenery and is a great place for nature walks and birdwatching. You can expect to see a variety of bird species, such as kingfishers, hornbills, and eagles, as well as other wildlife like monkeys and squirrels. Today, the fort is a popular tourist attraction and is known for its scenic location and rich historical heritage.

Things To Do Near Karwar


Many adventure centres in the town allow snorkelling. It is really great activity  which must be experienced by one. Swimming under the deep water while witnessing marine beauty is just amazing experience. In this activity, you can witness the floral and faunal wonders of sea.

Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin-spotting activities can be done at any time of the year. In this activity, you are allowed to interact with the dolphins which feels really wholesome. This fun activity can be a sheer delight for children as well as adults. 

Banana Boat Ride

Adventure lovers should try a Banana boat ride offered at some beaches in the town. Inflatable bananas shaped boat connected to a speedboat ride in water at high speed offering an enthralling experience.

Delhi To Karwar Distance: Connectivity

Distance between Delhi and Karwar is 2,024.7 km which can be covered in 36 hours or more via NH 52.

Delhi To Karwar Distance By Road

Delhi to Karwar distance is around 2,024.7 km. You can easily travel with a bike or a car according to your choice and comfort.

Delhi To Karwar Distance By Bus

You can not travel Delhi to Karwar directly by bus. Firstly, you have to take a bus from Delhi ISBT, Kashmiri gate for goa. Tickets of these buses are available online. Once you reach there, you can take bus, taxi for Karwar.

Delhi To Karwar Distance By Car

Start by taking NH 19, keep going on same route, until you reach Agra. Then start heading towards Mumbai via NH 44. After reaching Mumbai switch on NH 66, until you reach Karwar.

Delhi To Karwar Distance By Bike

Distance by bike is 37 hrs via NH 160. You will ride through the smooth roads and highways. You have to maintain a descent speed. Bike is best option for the people who are driving enthusiasts.

How To Reach Delhi To Karwar 

How To Reach Karwar By Air

There is no airport in the Karwar, so You have to  book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Goa Airport. There are many  flights operating between these two cities. After that you can take taxi, cab or bus for your destination to Karwar which you want to visit.

How To Reach Karwar By Train

There are many trains which can be found to be running between Delhi to Karwar .Then you will have to take cab, taxi for destination you want to visit in the Karwar. It will take  approximately 1 day 8 hrs hours to cover the distance between Delhi and Karwar by train.

How To Reach Karwar By Road

You can easily reach Karwar by taking a bus from Delhi ISBT for Goa. There are many buses that leave for Goa regularly. Then you have to take a, cab or bus for your destination to Karwar. It will take around 36 hours to reach Karwar by Bus via NH 52. Roads of these routes are well maintained. You will have a comfortable  journey. You will witness beautiful landscapes outside your window. It will make your bus journey more comfortable and calm.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Karwar Distance 

Karwar is really a great place to visit. It gives you a chance of spending moment of your life into deep peace and relaxation. Journey is full of ease with comfort and calmness. It is a place which makes you witness beauty of sea ,temples and some ancient forts like Sadashivgadh Fort. This place is full of multiple natural masterpieces. It makes you feel serenity and calmness. It is full of lush greenery. The view of sunset Is truly magical experience. There are multiple water sports and adventure activities which can be enjoyed by one.

Journey is really comfortable while covering Delhi to Karwar distance and the moment you reach there is full of serenity and spirituality. There is beauty of nature to appreciate, there are  temples of ancient era to see.

Delhi to Karwar Distance can be covered by car, bus, air according to your choice. Places of the region around temple are truly amusing which makes you feel the beauty of waters and Beautiful shores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Delhi To Karwar Distance

Which hotels are present near Karwar?

Hotels near Karwar include:
Cintacor Island Resort
Sterling Karwar
Jungle Lodges Devbagh Beach Resort
Ocean Deck Beach Homestay
Devbagh Beach Resort – Junglelodges

What are the best places to eat in Karwar?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Karwar include:
Swetha lunch home
Hotel Amrut
Hotel Kolhapuri Tadka
Kamat Plus Veg Restaurant
Ajvi Ocean Restaurant

What is Karwar known for?

Karwar is known for some of its popular attractions, which include:
Kurumgad Island
Ulavi Caves or Akal Gavi
Karwar Beach
Anashi Waterfall

What is famous about Karwar? 

There are many beaches and historical sites available for the tourists to visit as per choosing. Tourists can also enjoy the local food and culture.

Who should visit Karwar? 

This destination is great for anyone who loves the outdoors. It is exemplary as a port of call for a family holiday or for those who want to do nothing but relax.

What is the local food in Karwar? 

The local cuisine of Karwar includes Karle Ambat (crab masala), Bangada fry, oysters and clams, Masli Kadi, Sukhe Masli (dried and salted fish), chilly squid, Rice Dosa etc.

What can I buy in Karwar?

Muslin cloth pieces, carved sandalwood, incense sticks, and the beautiful silk sarees are a few things that you should definitely buy when in Karwar.

What activities can be done in the Karwar?

 Activities which can be done in Karwar includes Snorkelling, Dolphin spotting, Banana boat ride etc.

When was Sadashivgadh fort built?

Sadashivgadh fort was built in 1715 AD by Basavling Raja.

When was Karwar established?

Karwar was established in the year of 1857 by British. It is also known as “Kashmir of Karnataka “.

When was INS Chapal got converted into the museum?

INS Chapal got converted into the museum in the year 2006, it was named Warship Museum.