Varkala Cliff is a pleasing destination which lies along the refreshing coastline of the Kerala. Varkala cliff is a famous beachfront which is a massive group of old times rock formations. Varkala is climbing the popularity ladder with immense speed and has become a thriving place in the last couple of years. It features some colossal rock formations, hillsides, balmy beaches, hidden ruins and forts along with cloistered lighthouses and placid lakes. 

Varkala cliff  appears as a dramatic horizon that is merging with the Arabian sea. Varkala Cliff treats visitors to panoramic vistas of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. It is one of a kind formation on the rather flat coastal plains of Kerala which magnetizes backpackers and pilgrims from around the world. 

Varkala Cliff is situated at the distance of 40 km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala Cliff is present at an elevation of 131 ft. above sea level. Around 21,300 people live in this area. It covers an area of around 8 km sq. History of Varkala Cliff started before many centuries.

Delhi to Varkala Cliff distance is about  2,889.3 km and it will require a drive of 50 hrs or more to reach there.

About Delhi

Delhi is also known by the name of “Dilli”. It is capital of the India, also known as “the heart of nation”. The history of Delhi dates back to 1052 AD. It was founded by Anangpal Tomar. The word Delhi came to existence when Raja Dhillu established a city near the site that is currently known by the name of Qutub Minar.

It was ruled by Tomars, Mughals, Chauhans and Gautamas. Delhi has been one of the most important places of the nation. It is epicentre of politics as it has headquarters of the main pillars of India’s democracy including, legislature, executive and judiciary.

Delhi is famous for its heritage sites such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India gate etc. It is Known for its local silver smiths who expertise in the art of making silver tea sets, silver jewellery and showpieces. Meena Bazaar and Chandni Chowk, are also factors of attraction for the tourists.

About Varkala Cliff

Varkala Cliff stands as an iconic landmark along Kerala’s picturesque coastline. This natural wonder, also known as “The Great Ezhara Beach,” offers visitors a captivating blend of breathtaking views, vibrant culture, and serene ambiance. The cliff is formed by laterite and overlooks the Varkala beach. It has been declared as a Geological monument by the Geological Survey of India. 

Varkala Cliff treats visitors to panoramic vistas of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. The cliff’s rugged terrain is adorned with lush greenery, adding to its allure and providing the perfect backdrop for memorable sunsets. The presence of 2000 years old Janardhan Swami Temple near Varkala cliff has the title of Southern Varanasi. 

Beaches like Papanasam, Varkala, Odayam are the most cherished among the tourists. You can also tour some marvelous architecture such as Anjengo fort and Janardhan Swami Temple nearby. The backwaters of Kappil beach and Ponnumthuruthu island have the ability to engross you completely. Kappil Pozhi or Kappil lake has a great setting to also enjoy boating. Varkala Cliff has been declared as a Geological monument. The stunning view of the golden beach and the playful waves makes it a worth visiting place.

History of Varkala Cliff

Varkala Cliff is believed to be formed before 2.3 million to 25 million years ago. This place was also called Udaya Marthandapuram, commemorating the contributions of Udaya Marathanda Varma, a Travancore King. He helped in the development of Varkala. The king in 1762 built rows of houses in the obscure sea side village of Varkala in order to make the local Brahmins settle here.

The name of the place Is attributed to another legend of Sage Narada. According to this legend, Sage Narada was visited by the nine prajapathis who told him that they had sinned. He threw his valkalam (garment made of tree bark) to earth. Narada told the prajapathis to go there and pray for their redemption. Since then the scenic village were the valkalam fell was called by the name Varkala.

Varkala was known to ancient foreign traders, says many historical documents. The place had been referred to as `Balita’ in The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, the ancient Greek manuscript describing navigation and trading opportunities.

Delhi To Varkala Cliff Key Points

AreaVarkala Cliff, Kerala
Elevation 131 ft.
Duration October to March 
Best season February 
Weather Sunny
Delhi To Varkala Cliff Key Points

Delhi To Varkala Cliff Highlights

  • Varkala Cliff is an ideal tourist destination for everyone. There are many things to explore and experience such as Beaches, Temples and forts.
  • It has many spots for adventurous water sports and activities which provides a thrilling and unforgettable experience.
  • Varkala Cliff is home to many rich cuisines and sea foods which becomes an another factor for visiting this place and makes it more visit worthy.

Delhi To Varkala Cliff : Places To Visit In Varkala Cliff

1. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is also known as Papanasam Beach. It is a beautiful stretch of sand renowned for its solitude unlike other commercial beaches. This beach itself is divided into two parts. The southern area of the beach lying at the end of the road leading from Janardhana Swamy Temple regarded as sacred by Hindus. The north part of the beach right at the bottom of the cliff is worth going renowned for its natural mineral spring.

The water of Varkala Beach is regarded to own medicinal and curative properties. A dip in the hoy water is said to cleanse the body of impurities and all sins and thus the name Papanasam Beach meaning ‘Destroyer of Sins’. Sunsets at the Varkala Beach are especially pristine and call for a serene walk along the beach. If you are a seafood lover, then the place is a paradise for you. The eating joints nearby offer some of India’s best moth watering and affordable food.

Roaming across its villages, walking under the palm trees will help you to reveal some of its cultural backgrounds. High tides and steady wind flow offer great opportunities for some adventurous beach water sports. This beach is one of the adventures places to visit in Varkala with access to water sports like paragliding and surfing amongst others.

2. Edava Beach

Edava beach is set along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. This beach is located in the coastal town of the Edava. The virgin sands of this beach are hemmed in the towering palm trees and its ambiance is simply spell bounding. The beauty of Edava Beach lies in its untouched natural surroundings. The golden sands, swaying palm trees, and crystal-clear waters create a mesmerizing backdrop for visitors to unwind and relax. 

The beach offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea, making it a perfect spot to witness breath taking sunsets and sunrises. Edava Beach has its peaceful and serene ambiance. Away from the crowds, visitors can enjoy moments of solitude and tranquility as they listen to the sound of the waves and feel the gentle sea breeze. The beach is an ideal spot for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding with a good looks.

Edava Beach is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, serenity, and adventure. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting escapade, this picturesque beach has something to offer for every traveller.

3. Anjengo Fort

Anjengo Fort is also known as Anchuthengu Fort. It is a historic marvel nestled in Varkala, Kerala. This fort is situated approximately 12 kilometers from Varkala town. The Fort holds significant historical importance as one of the earliest British East India Company outposts in India. Constructed in the 17th century, Anjengo Fort served as a strategic trading post for the British, primarily engaged in spice trade with the local rulers.

This fort stands as a well-preserved relic of colonial architecture, offering visitors a glimpse into Kerala’s rich past. It is surrounded by lush greenery and it is overlooking the Arabian Sea. Anjengo Fort provides a picturesque setting for history enthusiasts and tourists alike. Anjengo Fort also boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, making it a popular spot for photography.

Anjengo Fort is not only an opportunity to delve into Kerala’s colonial history but also to immerse oneself in the serene ambiance of its coastal surroundings. With its blend of historical charm and natural beauty, Anjengo Fort stands as a must-visit destination for travellers. 

4. Sivagiri Mutt

Sivagiri Mutt is one of the most popular ashrams of Shree Narayan Guru. This ashram celebrates Guru Deva Jayanti and the Guru Deva Samadhi every year. The Sivagiri Mutt is placed on a high platform and is the quaint holy places to visit in Varkala. It has provided spiritual sustenance to thousands of people over the years. The Sivagiri Hills, where the Sivagiri Mutt is located, was selected by Sree Narayana Guru. He wanted to create the commune after he fell in love with the vast landscape and ambience of Varkala. 

The teaching of the Guru include that of a singular faith, i.e. one caste, one religion and one God. The disciples and followers of the Guru run the headquarters of Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham at the Sivagiri Mutt. This pilgrim centre has the Samadhi of the Guru and an elementary school which was created to bridge caste lines. 

The octagonal shape Saradha (Saraswathi) Temple resonates with the teaching, the prayers can be recited as per the devotees’ preference- some choose sacred hymns, other chants. With the lessons and spiritual ambience, the vibe of the place is magical. 

5. Ponnumthuruthu

Ponnumthuruthu, also known as Golden Island is located 20 km from Varkala. It is popular for its 100 year old Shiva Parvathi temple situated amidst thick coconut groves stretched over the sandy beaches. Situated amidst the tranquil backwaters of the Kallada River. Ponnumthuruthu is renowned for its natural beauty, lush greenery, and sacred temples. 

This temple is surrounded by coconut groves and serene waters, this temple is believed to be over 1000 years old and holds immense religious significance for devotees. The temple architecture, with its intricate carvings and traditional Kerala style, adds to the charm of the island.

Ponnumthuruthu is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy leisurely boat rides along the tranquil backwaters, soaking in the scenic views of the surrounding landscape. The island’s verdant vegetation provides a perfect habitat for a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Delhi To Varkala Distance: Places To Visit Near Varkala Cliff 

1. Janardhanaswamy Temple

Janardhanaswamy Temple is 25 km to the north of Thiruvananthapuram. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the Arattu festival celebrated here every year is attended by thousands of devotees. It is an ancient temple dating back to 2000 years. Varkala has been a Hindu pilgrimage site since the 12th Century. The Janardhanaswamy Temple was built during this period and many Hindus still visit the place till day, for this very reason.

It has been renovated during the reign of Umayamma Rani who held the power of this region from 1677 to 1684 AD. The temple finds its name mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam. It says that Balarama had visited this shrine during his pilgrimage to Kanyakumari and other temples of South India. The temple of Sri Janardana Swamy is situated on the summit of a table-land adjoining the sea, which is reached by a long flight of steps. 

The temple has a circular sanctum sanctorum, a square mandapa, and a hall containing a ‘Bali peetha’. The sanctum sanctorum houses the striking idol of Sri Janarthana Swami along with Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. The presiding deity is found in a standing position with four arms having all the attributes of Vishnu. Arattu is the main festival celebrated in this temple for ten days during the months of March-April every year that attracts a lot of devotees as well as tourists. A colorful procession led by adorned elephants is one of the prominent features of the festival.

2. Kaduvayil Juma Masjid

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid is dedicated to a Muslim Saint, Saint Kaduvayil Thangal who is believed to have magical powers. It is one of the important Sunni Pilgrimage Centres in the region but its beautiful architecture also attracts tourists. The well maintained structure possesses a divine vibe that can put a troubled soul at peace in an instant. 

It boasts a huge orphanage and a college where children study. The mosque is popularly known as Kaduvayil Thangal Juma Masjid or even Kaduvayil Palli. The sanctity and austerity of the mosque premises will make you forget all your problems, and you will be pervaded by a feeling of self-surrender. This Masjid is an excellent example of religious harmony. 

All devotees and tourists of all religions and ethnicity come here together to find inner peace. It is a great example of strong Hindu Muslim friendship in Southern Kerala. The sacred and sober vibe of the premise will make one feel relax and free from all stress and problems.

3. Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse was built in the 17th century by the British rulers. Visiting the lighthouse is one of the most fun-filled activities in Varkala. The pinnacle of the structure offers a bird’s eye view of the spectacular vistas around. It makes you witness the alluring waters of the Arabian Sea and the pristine shores of the nearby beaches.

It stands 130 feet tall on the Varkala Beach and attracts tourists for a mesmeric bird’s eye view it provides of the Arabian sea and the backwaters. It, therefore, is a perfect attraction for photographers, beach lovers and picnickers.

Varkala Lighthouse is fine example of provincial style design. The memorable building is eminent for offering delightful perspectives of encompassing territories and abutting beaches. Varkala Lighthouse is a seventeenth century structure worked by the British in 1684.

4. Kappil Lake

Kappil Lake is the tranquil ambience without deterioration of the world. It soothe the nerves, and the views can redeem calmness from urban life. The lake is bordered by lush green fanning coconut groves trees. This serene estuary steam cascades gently into the wide Arabian Sea. 

The picturesque views include that of a bridge built across the lake that faces the charming envelopes of the sun-kissed blue horizon. Locals engross in fishing using small exotic country vessels like boats alongside the coconut grove island marking a magical interaction of land and water. 

It is located at a distance of 8 km north of Varkala. Kappil Lake is a place where backwaters and beach walk hand in hand. Visitors can take a small 30-minute boat ride to absorb the natural beauty. It is one of the serene places to visit in Varkala.

Things To Do Near Varkala Cliff


Varkala Cliff is home to many adventurous water sports and activities, one of those is Paragliding. One can do paragliding at this cliff, which will make you witness the beauty of place from high view point.

Explore the local culture

You can explore the local culture in the Varkala Cliff and it’s adjacent areas. You will get to see the authentic art forms of the state which would take you to an entirely different world.

Explore local cuisine 

You can taste some really authentic food on the shore. Varkala Cliff has diverse variety of sea food to offer which is loved by travellers and tourists. Every sea food lover must give it a try. 



Surfing is an another activity which is loved by most of adventure enthusiasts. Flowing on the big waves witnessing marine beauty gives satisfaction and thrilling experience to tourists and visitors.

Delhi To Varkala Distance Connectivity

Distance between Delhi and Varkala is 2,889.3 km which can be covered in 49  hours or more via NH 52.

Delhi To Varkala Distance By Road

Delhi to Varkala Cliff distance is around 2,889.3 km. You can easily travel with a bike or a car according to your choice and comfort.

Delhi To Varkala Cliff Distance By Bus

You can not travel Delhi to Varkala Cliff directly by bus. Firstly, you have to take a special bus from Delhi ISBT, Kashmiri gate for Thiruvananthapuram. Tickets of these buses are available online. Once you reach there, you can take bus, taxi for Varkala Cliff.

Delhi To Varkala Cliff Distance By Car

Start by taking NH 48, keep going on same route, until you reach Mumbai via NH 48. After reaching Mumbai switch on NH 66 and continue, until you reach Varkala Cliff. You will pass through Goa and Mangalore before reaching Varkala.

Delhi To Varkala Cliff Distance By Bike

Distance by bike is 51hrs via NH 44. You will ride through the smooth roads and highways. You have to maintain a descent speed. Bike is best option for the people who are driving enthusiasts.

St. Mary’s Island

How To Reach Delhi To Varkala Cliff 

How To Reach Varkala Cliff By Air

There is no airport in Varkala Cliff, so You have to  book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Thiruvananthapuram Airport. There are many  flights operating between these two cities. After that you can take taxi, cab or bus for your destination to Varkala Cliff which you want to visit.

How To Reach Varkala Cliff By Train

There is a railway station named Varkala which is 2.5 km away from Varkala Cliff. You can take train from Delhi for Varkala. Then you will have to take cab, taxi for destination you want to visit in the Varkala Cliff. It will take  approximately 1 day 9 hrs hours to cover the distance between Delhi and Varkala by train.

How To Reach Varkala Cliff By Road

You can easily reach Varkala Cliff by taking a bus from Delhi ISBT for Thiruvananthapuram. There are many buses that leave for Thiruvananthapuram regularly. Tickets of these buses are mostly available online. Then you have to take a, cab or bus for your destination to Varkala Cliff.

It will take around 49 hours to reach Varkala Cliff by Bus via NH 52. Roads of these routes are well maintained. You will have a comfortable  journey. You will witness green beautiful landscapes outside your window. It will make your bus journey more comfortable and calm.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Varkala Distance 

Varkala is a great place to visit. It gives you a chance of spending moment of your life along the pristine sea shore and pleasant surroundings. Journey is full of ease with comfort and calmness. It is a place which makes you witness the mixture of adventurous, Sacred and relaxing destinations, all at once.

This place is full of multiple beautiful beaches, resorts and some ancient forts. It makes you feel greatness of marine beauty. It is full of lush greenery. View of sea from top of the Cliff is marvellous. There are multiple water sports and adventure activities which can be enjoyed by one which includes Paragliding, surfing etc.

Journey is really comfortable while covering Delhi to Varkala Cliff distance and the moment you reach there is full of excitement and enthusiasm. There is beauty of nature to appreciate and there is beautiful waterfalls to admire.

Delhi to Varkala Cliff Distance can be covered by car, bus, air according to your choice. Places of the region are truly amazing which makes you feel the beauty of sea and beaches along with some really masterpiece temples and forts.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) For Delhi To Varkala Cliff Distance

Which hotels are present near Varkala Cliff?

Hotels near Varkala Cliff:

(0.04 km) Sahasrara Ayurverdic Healing Center

(0.05 km) On the Way, Home & Café

(0.05 km) Sunview Beach Resort & Spa by Citrine

(0.05 km) Santalum Beach Resort

(0.06 km) European Lounge

Which restaurants are present near Varkala Cliff?

Restaurants near Varkala Cliff:

(0.03 km) Sky Lounge

(0.05 km) Little Tibet Restaurant

(0.11 km) Café del Mar

(0.08 km) Gods Own Country Kitchen

(0.20 km) InDa Cafe

What is the best time to visit Varkala Cliff?

The best time to visit Varkala Cliff is from October to March, when the weather is ideally suited for beach activities and sightseeing. 

Is it safe to swim in the waters near Varkala Cliff?

The waters near Varkala Cliff can be suitable for swimming, but it’s important to be cautious as the tides and currents can be strong.

What type of cuisine is available in the area around Varkala Cliff?

Visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines in the area around Varkala Cliff, including traditional South Indian dishes, fresh seafood delicacies, and international cuisine.

Where is Varkala Cliff situated?

Varkala is a coastal town in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala.

When was Janardhanaswamy Temple built?

Janardhanaswamy Temple was built in the 12th century.

When was Varkala Cliff formed?

Varkala Cliff is believed to be formed before 2.3 to 25 million years ago.

What is population of Varkala Cliff?

Varkala Cliff has Population of about 21,300.

What are best beaches present near the Varkala Cliff?

Papanasam, Varkala and Odayam are the best beaches present near the Varkala Cliff.

When was Varkala lighthouse built?

 Varkala Lighthouse was built in the 17th century by British.