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Ukkadam lake park is situated In the bustling cityscape of Coimbatore near Ukkadam lake. This place is present as a peaceful spot that offers solace and rejuvenation. Ukkadam Periyakulam Park or Ukkadam Lake Park stands as a beautiful green space in urban environment. It gives a dose of calmness for both the mind and the body.

The scenic beauty of landscapes can allure anyone to come here. The waves of lake, makes a symphony of nature. The birds singing and chirping on the shore gives a healing experience which can’t be expressed by words. The sunset near this lake can be witnessed by sitting in the park. The sun, when goes down slowly, it looks truly majestic and magnificent.


The infrastructural beauty and outstanding structure is also an another reason which attracts people to visit this park. Ukkadam Lake Park is present at an elevation of  1400.9 ft. above sea level. Around 7,140 people live around this area. It covers an area of around 1.295  km sq. History of Ukkadam Lake Park dates back to 2010.

Delhi to Ukkadam Lake Park distance is about 2,443.6 km and it will require a drive of 44 hrs or more to reach there.

About Delhi

Delhi is also known by the name of “Dilli”. It is capital of the India, also known as “the heart of nation”. The history of Delhi dates back to 1052 AD. It was founded by Anangpal Tomar. The word Delhi came to existence when Raja Dhillu established a city near the site that is currently known by the name of Qutub Minar.

It was ruled by Tomars, Mughals, Chauhans and Gautamas. Delhi has been one of the most important places of the nation. It is epicentre of politics as it has headquarters of the main pillars of India’s democracy including, legislature, executive and judiciary.

Delhi is famous for its heritage sites such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India gate etc. It is Known for its local silver smiths who expertise in the art of making silver tea sets, silver jewellery and showpieces. Meena Bazaar and Chandni Chowk, are also factors of attraction for the tourists.

About Ukkadam Lake Park

Ukkadam Lake Park is nestled in the front of the shore of Ukkadam Valankulam lake. This lake is situated between Trichy Road and Sungam bypass road connecting with Ukkadam. This Lake is one of the lakes in Coimbatore that attracts a lot many tourists visiting the city. 

The lake boasts of a mixed ecosystem.  Apart from fishes, many local as well as migratory birds visit the lake. Hence, Ukkadam Lake Park is a preferred hotspot for bird watching among tourists. One can spot birds like little grebes and purple moorhen around the lake. The lake Is vast and recently a promenade circling the lake has been built for the ease of the visitors. 

Visitors come here to enjoy long walks, strolls, exercise etc. There are many beautiful places to visit near the Ukkadam Lake Park. These places include temples like Sree Ayappan temple, Sri Naga Sai temple. The list places to visit near Ukkadam lake park also includes Gass forest museum which gives sneak peek into ancient culture and history. It makes Ukkadam Lake Park a must visit place.

History of Ukkadam Lake Park

Ukkadam Lake was constructed during the reign of the Chola dynasty. Originally it was built as a part of the irrigation system to facilitate agriculture in the region. The lake has since played various roles in the city’s development and sustenance.  The lake started to become contaminated and polluted due to industrial waste. It was took in control by Tamil Nadu govt. for renovation.

In 2010, the lake was taken over by Coimbatore Corporation on a 90-year lease.  Govt. announced a beautification project at the cost of INR 49.5 million in 2015. As part of the lake beautification and restoration project, the city corporation has set up floating decks, a walkers’ plaza, a children’s play area, non-motorized tracks, and food kiosks. The Govt. also set a park area which is now called Ukkadam Lake Park. 

They also laid a 1.2 km stretch of road exclusively for two-wheelers and beautify the tank bund by installing solar-powered lamps and steel fences. It is popularly called the Marine Drive of Coimbatore. The road was inaugurated on 8th June 2015, by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and helped ease traffic congestion in the Ukkadam area.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Key Points 

AreaUkkadam Lake Park, Coimbatore 
Elevation 1400.9 ft.
Duration October to March 
Best season December 
Weather Moderate
Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Key Points 

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Highlights

  • Ukkadam Lake Park is really beautiful and fantastic place which provides an refreshing experience. The chirping of birds feels like hearing musical harmony.
  • This lake gives vast range of activities, which can performed by one to feel the thrill and something adventurous. These activities include Boating, jet ski, etc.
  • There are many beautiful and culturally rich temples  near Ukkadam lake Park, which can be visited by one to experience serenity and spirituality. 

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance: Places To Visit In Ukkadam Lake Park

1. GD Naidu Museum

GD Naidu Museum is a remarkable tourist attraction in Coimbatore. It is dedicated to the renowned industrialist and inventor, GD Naidu. He wasn’t even a graduate, yet, he managed to engrave his name in history by pursuing his passion for engineering. Throughout his life, he invented various things and modified the existing items of that time as well.

GD Naidu Museum is known for displaying the inventions of GD Naidu. All the items are displayed in the different galleries. The Museum showcases a variety of automobiles from the early days of car design, to more modern models. The museum is well-maintained and has a posh look. Every car looks like it came straight from a showroom. 

These cars include the prominent models like Morris 8 (British), Smart Fortwo (German), Toyota Sera (Japanese), Citroen (French), Cadillac Limousine (American), Hispano Suiza (Spanish) and much more. There is also a vintage Rolls Royce and other luxury cars on display.

2. Sree Ayappan Temple

This Temple is one of the most significant places to visit and thus attracts an lot of visitors all year. One more reason for its popularity is that it is located in the heart of the city. Its magnificence is such that both tourists and locals can’t resist themselves from visiting the Temple at least once. Moreover, this temple is a delight for architecture and history lovers.

This temple is also referred as ‘Second Sabarimala Temple’. The style, architecture, and puja processions are quite remarkable. No wonder it is overflowed with art, architecture and history enthusiasts all year along.


Lord Ayyappa is the revered deity of this temple and devotees from all over the world visit this edifice to seek the Lord’s blessings. The temple is also dedicated to other Gods such as Lord Shiva, Maha Vishnu, Sri Murugan and Maa Durga.

3. Arulmigu Koniamman Temple 

Arulmigu Koniamman Temple is an avatar of the mother goddess Shakti. She believed in blessing devotees with early marriage and children. Koniamman is worshipped as one of the forms of Parasakthi here. She is a powerful and fierce deity and holds a trident, hourglass drum, sword, conch, skull, fire, Sudarshan chakra and bell. 

The Temple was built around 600 years ago by the leader of a small cult, ‘Irulas’. This ancient temple has its rich history, exquisite architecture, and vibrant tradition. It stands as a testament to spirituality’s enduring significance. Devotees flock to the temple to seek blessings. 

The goddess is revered for her boundless compassion, and her divine presence envelops the temple with an aura of grace and solace. It’s a hub of daily rituals and spirituality. The air is filled with the melodious chants of hymns and the soothing aroma of incense.

4. Gass Forest Museum

Gass Forest Museum is located inside the premises of the Forest College Campus, Coimbatore. It is made of red stone and built-in British Gothic style. The museum is home to nearly 10000 exhibits. The rare artifacts in the museum is a piece of an asteroid which is believed to be several million years old. 

It also houses  a stuffed albino crow, and a full-grown male stuffed Indian jaguar which was gifted to the museum in 1956 by Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the last Maharaja of the princely state of Mysore.

The forestry artifacts here include timber, non-timber forest products, wood crafts, wildlife, entomology, mycology, geology, ethnology, arms, forest engineering, and the environment. One can see an assortment of stuffed animals and birds including an attention-grabbing one of a brahminy kite capturing a chick.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance: Places To Visit Near Ukkadam Lake Park

1. Sree Naga Sai Temple

Naga Sai Mandi is dedicated to Sai Baba and is a famous attraction for the believers and followers of Sai Baba. This is one of the few temples of Sai Baba found in the southern part of the country. Devotees flock in large numbers to offer their prayers. The temple complex houses the sanctum sanctorum of Sai Baba and smaller shrines dedicated to other Hindu Gods. Devotees visiting the temple feel blessed at the sight of the divine idol of Sai Baba seen under the Adishesha. 

The temple has a hall where devotees gather to sing devotional songs or bhajans. It is believed that Sai Baba fulfils all the wishes asked with a clean heart. This temple has all the facilities to make the devotees feel at ease, sit and meditate or chant in the name of Sai Baba who is also called Sri Naga Sai.  It is a perfect place to spend some time in peace.

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2. Arulmigu Anuvavi Subramaniar Temple

Sri Anuvavi Subramaniar Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is one of the religious shrines in the region. In earlier days, this place was actually called Hanu Bhavi. As per the mythology, Sri Anjaneyar felt thirsty while passing through this hill with the Sanjeevi mount. He prayed to Lord Muruga here for water. Lord punched a place here with his will from where water sprang up and flowed like a river. Till now, the origin of the spring in the temple could not be discovered.

It Is believed that the sanctum sanctorum of the temple was built by Karikala Chola in the early Christian Era. Tippu Sultan of Mysore attached half of the Inams of the temple in the 18th century. The Swami and Amman Temples were renovated in the middle of the 18th century and later on the Mandap of 63 Saints was built. 

Devotees believed that the natural spring at this temple has healing powers. Hence they take a dip and then worship this lord. This temple is majestically present on top of a hillock, offering a bird’s eye view of the surrounding city and its outskirts.

3. Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery & Textile Museum

Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery and Textile Museum as we know it today. It was inaugurated in the year 1988 by then the President of India R. Venkataraman.  Art Gallery has many paintings and sculptures arranged in 10 rooms. Rooms 1 and 2 house traditional Indian Art. There are several Tanjore paintings in Room 1, some of them more than a hundred years old. Many bronzes in the traditional South Indian style are also exhibited. 

Types of handlooms from various parts of India as well as sketches of various types of handlooms used by American Indians are exhibited in Room 17. Of special interest are six paintings on mica depicting handloom operations in India painted in the 17th century.  This place makes us witness the beauty of Indian ancient art.

4. Sree Masaniamma Temple

Masani Amman Temple is a temple dedicated to Masani Devi, who is also known as Shakti Devi. It is located in the Panchayat Town of Annamalai. The vibe of the temple is highly spiritual and draws devotees in large numbers. One of the unique features of the temple is the large idol of Goddess Masani which is 15 feet long .It is set up in a lying posture. The grand temple is a perfect attraction for architectural buffs who keep interest in temple architecture. 

The place creates a high-intensity vibration that can be experienced through a little observation. Those who manage to experience it will know how surreal it feels to be in the presence of the divine power.

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Things To Do In Ukkadam Lake Park


People love to do boating in the waters of Ukkadam Lake in the front of the Ukkadam Lake Park. It is really thrilling and amazing experience. The boats are available in different sizes and safety is also ensured. 

Jet ski

One can dive into the thrill of experiencing jet ski on the waters of Ukkadam lake. Tourists also enjoy some adventure around the shore. Along with this, one can also witness the calm beauty of the lake as you indulge in.

Watching Sunset

The sunset at Ukkadam Lake Park is truly awesome. When the blue shy mixed with the yellowish shade of the sun, that view is truly magnificent. People love to see something unforgettable, and for that sunset at Ukkadam Lake is just perfect.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Connectivity

Distance between Delhi and Ukkadam Lake Park is 2,443.6  km which can be covered in 44 hours or more via NH 48.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance By Road

Delhi to Ukkadam Lake Park Distance is around 2,443.6 km. You can easily travel with a bike or a car according to your choice and comfort.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance By Bus

You can easily travel from Delhi to Ukkadam Lake Park by bus. You have to take a bus from Delhi ISBT, Kashmiri gate for Coimbatore. Once you reach there, you can take bus, taxi for Ukkadam Lake Park.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance By Car

Start by taking NH 48, keep going on same route, until you reach Pune. Then start heading towards Bengaluru from Pune. From Bengaluru, proceed towards Coimbatore via NH44. Finally, from Coimbatore, head towards Ukkadam Lake Park, which is located within the city.

Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance By Bike

Distance by bike is 45 hrs via NH 52. You will ride through the smooth roads and highways. You have to maintain a descent speed. Bike is best option for the people who are driving enthusiasts.

How To Reach Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park 

How to reach Ukkadam Lake Park By Air

You can book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Coimbatore Airport. There are many  flights operating between these two cities. After that you can take taxi, cab or bus for your destination to Ukkadam Lake Park which you want to visit.

How to reach Ukkadam Lake Park By Train

There are many trains which can be found to be running between Delhi to Coimbatore . Then you will have to take a cab, taxi, bus for Ukkadam Lake Park.  It will take  approximately 1 day 18 hrs hours to cover the distance between Delhi and Ukkadam Lake Park by train.

How to reach Ukkadam Lake Park  By Road

You can easily reach Ukkadam Lake Park by taking a bus from Delhi ISBT for Coimbatore. There are many buses that leave for Coimbatore regularly. It will take around 44 hours to reach Coimbatore by Bus via NH 48. Then you can take a cab or taxi for Ukkadam Lake Park. Roads of these routes are well maintained. You will have a safe and smooth journey. You will witness prevailing scenes outside your window. It will make your bus journey more comfortable and calm.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance 

Ukkadam Lake Park is really a lovely place to visit. It provides really an amazing and wonderful experience. Journey is full of ease with comfort and calmness. It is a place which makes you witness beauty of lake ,temples and some ancient museum, all at once . This park  is full of multiple landscapes. It makes you feel enthusiasm and deep sense of peace. It is full of lush greenery. The view of sunset is truly majestic. Time of adventure in the waters of lake really feels amazing.

Journey is really comfortable while covering Delhi to Ukkadam Lake Park distance and the moment you reach there is full of serenity and peace. There is beauty of nature to appreciate, there are  temples of ancient era to see.

Delhi to Ukkadam Lake Park Distance can be covered by car, bus, air according to your choice. Places of this region are truly amusing which makes you feel the beauty of lakes and Landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) For Delhi To Ukkadam Lake Park Distance

Which hotels are present near Ukkadam lake Park?

Hotel Koloth lake view, IVY Residency, SJ grand and plaza inn are some of hotels near Ukkadam lake Park.

Which restaurants are present near Ukkadam Lake Park?

Lake view restaurant, hotel view park, Arabiata, hotel Muthu rowther  are some of restaurants near Ukkadam lake Park.

How many exhibits are there in Gass forest museum?

Gass forest museum is home to about 10,000 exhibits.

Who and when inaugurated Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery and Textile Museum?

It was Inaugurated in the year 1988 by then the President of India R. Venkataraman.

Who and when built Arulmigu Koniamman Temple?

This Temple was built around 600 years ago by the leader of a small cult, ‘Irulas’.

What is length of idol of Goddess Masani?

Idol of Goddess Masani is 15 feet long.

Why is GD Naidu Museum famous?

GD Naidu Museum is famous for displaying the inventions of GD Naidu.

Who constructed Ukkadam Lake?

Ukkadam Lake was constructed by Chola dynasty.

What is best season to visit Ukkadam Lake Park?

December is best season to visit Ukkadam Lake Park.

What is area of Ukkadam Lake Park?

Area of Ukkadam Lake Park is 1.295 km sq.

What activities can be done at Ukkadam Lake Park?

Fishing, boating, jet ski, walking are some of activities which one cando at Ukkadam Lake Park.