If you are searching for an adventurous trek then, Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand is the best trek for you. Here you are going to meet the real adventure. Here Nature Goddess changes here are moods so fastly, in each turn. You will find twelve such turns and like clockwork, you will stand, confused thinking whether you are seeing them or dreaming.

This is a high-elevation pass, with a heavy rush. Peaks, with snows kissing their heads, wide waterways with strong stream force, and meadows will fill every edge of your heart with various still and moving pictures, which you can see after you return from the hills. This Trek offers the awe vistas of the Kinnar Kailash range and Baspa Valley, along with snow-covered heaps of the Himalayan ranges. And you will be amazed by the scenery that you will see after going to the top of the peak.

Rupin pass Trip is very popular among Indian travelers. The trek goes through the thicker and denser forests of pine, calming and the sharp edges at high elevation, the snow-clad peaks all over seem hypnotizing. It is a little difficult for beginners but, it is the most spine-shivering trek.

Key points of Rupin Pass Trek

AREAGarhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand
DURATION6-7 days
BEST SEASON Mid-May – Mid October
ALTITUDE15,250 ft / 4650mts
Keypoints of Rupin Pass Trek

Highlights of the Rupin Pass Trek

  • Rupin Pass is an optimal trek for any adventure.
  • Rupin Pass offers an extensive variety of scenes.
  • Astounding perspectives on the Kinnaur Kailash range.
  • The stunning views of the Rupin river give you a phenomenal view.
  • You will see the glades of marigold flowers.
  • You will also see the Dhauladhar range.

Best Time to Visit Rupin Pass Trek

The best time to make a trip to Rupin Pass is in the summer (May – June) and Post rainstorms (September – October).

In Summer: The climate of Rupin Pass Trek stays salubrious and satisfying during summers. The Himalayas are visible and the cool wind adds charm to the trip. 

Post Rainstorm: Peaceness and solitude are at their best during post-storm at Rupin Pass Trek. The place is honored with snowfall during winter and accommodation options are very limited. 

Where is the Rupin Pass Trek?

Rubin, a high-height mountain pass, is a part of the traditional shepherd and climbing route which begins from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and closes in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The mountain pass is situated at an elevation of 15,250 ft (4,650M), Rupin pass can be reached by trekking for six days from Dhola.

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Rupin Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Mori – Dhola – Sevah

Distance: 2000 mts: 40 kms (2 hrs) | 6560 ft: 8 km (4 hrs)

Drive till Dhola, the beginning stage of the trek. Will begin the journey and go on till Selah. Set up for camp there for a night stay.

Day 02: Sevah – Jaskin (2320 mts/76096 ft)

The journey towards Jaskin. The path will gift you with grand vistas of green high meadows, waterfalls, ice-covered peaks, etc. On arrival, set up the camp for a night stay.

Day 03: Jaskin – Jakha (2650 mts/8692 ft)

An 8 km journey will take us to Jaka. Set your camp there for a night’s stay.

Day 04: Jakha – Saruwas Thach (3450 mts/11316 ft)

The trek is also 8 km long but it will require 5/6 hours. You will arrive at Saruwas Thach at a good speed with the aim in your mind that the astounding view of the surrounding sites can be properly savored. Night stay in camps.

Day 05: Saruwas Thach – Nuru through Rupin Pass (4625 mts/15170 ft)

Early morning trek towards Rupin Pass. Arriving at the pass will reimburse you with the splendid views of Kinnaur Kailash peak. Descending the pass, you will head towards the fields of Nuru. The 12 km trail will be completed in around 6 hours. Night stay in camps.

Day 06: Nuru – Sangla (2654 mts/8706 ft)

Today we will travel for 12 km to arrive at Sangla after burning through 3/4 hours. After coming to the road-head, will require a 30 minutes drive up to the camping area. Night stay in tents.

Day 07: Sangla – Shimla (260 kms/8-9 hrs)

Drive to Shimla. The route will offer you brilliant views of mountains and the vivaciously flowing Satluj river. On reaching Shimla explore the sites of Shimla. Check-in at the hotel and stay there overnight.

Frequently asked questions for Rupin Pass Trek

It is doable by solo Travelers?

If you are searching for a solo trek in the Himalayas, then the Rupin Pass trek is great. This trek is highly captivating and will keep you engaged all through. 

Will there be snow on Trek?

May and early June will have snow all through the trek, and, September and October will have zero snow. So accordingly, pick your best time for the Rupin pass trek!

How troublesome is Rupin’s pass trek?

Rupin Pass Trek is viewed as a difficult high-height trek. So your level to be good to finish this trip. Doing cardiovascular activities can be very useful in planning this trip.

Where is Rupin Pass found?

Rupin Pass is a high-elevation pass across the Himalayan mountain range in Himachal Pradesh India. It lies on a traditional shepherd and climbing route which begins from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and closes in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh.

How would I get to Dhaula Uttarakhand?

You can get down at Naitwar and search for a shared vehicle going towards Dhaula from that point. You can also take a taxi from Naitwar as it has many taxis to be hired, and should cost around 800 – 1000 Rs. for a vehicle to drop you at Dhaula.