Sach Pass is situated at a height of 4550 m above ocean level in the Chamba region of Himachal. The Sach pass trek is one of the most famous trips in Himachal Pradesh. The journey is breezy, and there are heaps of choices to explore the snow. Sach Pass allows you to see dense forests, and interesting little stops like plantations and villas, during the trip. It is a social and cultural experience too as you will meet local people on your way and get an opportunity to explore the neglected side of Himachal Pradesh

Sach Pass Trek
Sach Pass Trek Overview

One of the most difficult treks in Himachal, the main thing that keeps you propelled along the trek to the pass is views of the lovely mists, snow-covered peaks of the Pir-Panjal ranges, hanging glacial masses, and internal enthusiasm to come to the highest point. The customary Sach Pass begins from the Trail in Chamba Valley covering Satrundi via the little town of Bhanodi, further making the way towards Sach Pass following forests and snow-loaded tracks.

Key Points of Sach Pass Trek

AREAChamba Region, Himachal Pradesh
DURATION8 Days (Dharamshala to Manali)
BEST SEASON June, Sep to Mid Oct
GRADEModerate to Difficult
ALTITUDE14,482 ft / 4500mts
Keypoints of Sach Pass Trek

Sach Pass Trek Highlights 

  • Trek up to the highest point and roosted at a rise of 14,500 ft., a height more than the acclaimed Rohtang Pass.
  • Get the chance to camp during peaceful mountain magnificence under a star-lit sky.
  • Witness remarkable scenes of nature overflowing with tremendous beautiful excellence.
  • Have an opportunity to explore some little and wonderful high-altitude temples in towns

Best Time To Visit Sach Pass Trek

The best time to visit Sach Pass is the first week of July and September end. One can track sufficient snow on the pass. Other than sunny mornings, the pass stays shut as the locale is helpless to avalanches because of heavy snow or rainfall.

Location of Sach Pass Trek 

The Sach Pass is in the Pir-Panjal scope of The Himalayas in the Chamba area of Himachal Pradesh. The pass associates the Pangi and Lahaul valleys with the Chamba valley. 

How to Reach Sach Pass Trek?

By Air:

Gaggal air terminal is the closest air terminal to arrive at Dharamshala. It is arranged 15 km away from Dharamshala. 

By Rail:

The closest railroad station to reach sach pass is the Pathankot rail route station. Immediate trains are running between Pathankot and Delhi.

By Road:

From Delhi, you can take Volvo buses or you can likewise hire a taxi too.

Itinerary of Sach Pass Trek


Morning free from exercises. After lunch continues touring. Dharamsala is partitioned into upper and lower towns and the elevation shifts from 1250 mt – 2000 mt. It is likewise the place of Tibet guru Dalai Lama. Macleod Ganj (1730 mt) in the upper Dharamsala is known as the “Little Lhasa of India.” You can also stay overnight here in the hotel 


Morning drive, to arrive at Chamba. Chamba is the western most region of Himachal Pradesh. The river Chenab runs in the north and the river Ravi in the south. In the center of the town, there is a playground called the Chowgan, a grassy field of around 805 M long and 73 M in width. Chamba has various lavish temples. We arrive and stay here for one day to explore its beauty.


The morning drives to arrive at Trail by covering approx 145 km in 4 h. From Chamba, you will enter the Pangi valley, which is a place that is known for lovely faces, wonderful dance, and picturesque views. Two communities, Pangwala and Bhots reside in this valley.


Begin the first day of the trek to Satrundi (2900 mt) by covering approx 15 km via a little town Bhanodi. The journey goes through the forest trail with us and downs up to Satrundi. Explore Satrundi and spend your night in a tent.


Trek to arrive at Bindrabani and cross Sach Pass a lofty rising from Satrundi. The pass offers unbelievable views of high mountains and numerous peaks covered with ice. Cross glacial to reach Bindrabani. 


Journey to Killar which is in the midst of crisscross trails in a profound and thin crevasse of The Chenab river. 


 The morning journey to Purthi by coveriapproxappkm24 km in 7 hrs. After covering approx 7 km traikmurns east for Purthi. Purthi is a lovely spot known for one of the most outstanding forest nursuriesnurseriesorical HHouseson the right bank of Chandra Bhaga. 

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In the morning, start your trek to arrive at Raoli by coverapproxppox 14 km in 5 hrs. The trail has moderate risings and plunges. We crossed the Chandra Bhaga river on a rope bridge. Arrive at Raoli and spend your night in a tent.


The morning drive was right on time to arrive at Manali through Keylong by coming approx 240 km in 6 hrs. Take your lunch. Explore Manali and end your journey with good memories.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sach Pass Trek

What are the beginning and ending points of the Sach Pass Journey?

The initial stage of the Sach Pass journey is Dharmshala. The trip goes on for 8 days. The ending point of the trip is Manali Transport.

Is the Sach Pass trek a difficult one?

The trek of Sach Pass is moderate to Difficult.

How can I get to the Sach Pass trek?

The Sach Pass trek is situated in Pir Panjal of the Himalayas in the Chambal locale of Himachal Pradesh. The trip begins from Dharamshala, from there you can easily hire a taxi or a bus to your destination.

What amount of time will it require to finish the trek?

The time taken to finish the trek of Sach Pass is about 8 -9 days.

Which are the other best Himachal region treks to do?

Here is the list of the best treks in Himachal that you can trek: Triund, Kheerganga, Tirthan Valley Trek, Chandratal trek.