Temples are the abode to energy which makes humans feel nostalgic about their origin. Trimbakeshkar temple in Trimbak has similar energy which makes devotees feel grounded to nature and earth. It is located at the origin of the holy river ‘Godavari’. There are numerous natural attractions that enhance the beauty of this place.

Have you ever given thought about why temples are constructed?

Temples or any place of worship have a positive energy that makes humans realize the importance of their deeds or ‘Karma’ on this earth. ‘God’, the supreme power makes every individual bow down and seek forgiveness for their sins on earth.

Trimbakeshwar temple has different mythological stories associated with its construction and holiness. We shall be exploring these stories and their contemporary relevance ahead.

Best time to visitOctober – March, June-September
Altitude 750m
Population 12,056
Language Marathi, Hindi
Grade8 | 07 km Steep

Where is the Trimbakeshwar Temple?

Trimbakeshawar is located in Nasik, Maharashtra. Nasik in itself is a very beautiful place to visit. Here, Ganga came down on earth in the form of ‘Godavari’ subsequently the three avatars ‘Brahma’, ‘Vishnu’, and ‘Mahesh’ triad appeared as incarnation Lord Trimbakeshwar.  

The temple is included amongst the 12 Jyotirlingas and is a sacred destination for devotees of ‘Lord Shiva’.

History of Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar temple was constructed by Peshwas. Historians revealed the temple had a crowned linga made up of gold, silver and other jewels. This crown was a gift from ‘Pandavas’ in Mahabharata. When the British took over Nasik, the temple lost its magnificent ‘Nassak diamond’ or ‘Neelmani’ which was studded on the forehead of Shiva’s idol.

The Godavari River also has a fascinating mythological tale dating back to the Sage Gautama period. Once upon a time, a very long famine hit the place; everyone was in the state of Panic except Sage Gautama and his wife. His high merits in life brought him this fortune. He served poor Brahmins selflessly throughout his lifetime which brought him all fortune.


Even after the famine ended, he continued to do the same. Once, Jaya, a friend of Parvati was killed by Sage Gautama accidentally. He had to wash off the sin of ‘Gau Hatya’ He performed penance for his deed and Lord Shiva became happy with his Sin and directed Ganga from his deadlocks on earth in the form of the river ‘Godavari’.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Highlights

Triyambkeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

The temple has been carved in black stone representing the architecture of Peshwas. The inner premise has a linga with three ‘pindis’ inside it. The three ‘pindis’ represent ‘The creator Brahma’, ‘the operator Vishnu’ and ‘the destroyer Shiva’.

 Narayan nagbali, Kalsarpa Shanti, Tripindi vidhi etc. are three types of pooja vidhis in this temple. Narayan Nagbali puja is a special pooja endemic to Triyambakeshwar Temple. It is performed only on specific dates decided by pundits of the temple.


The temple is situated on the mountains loaded with greenery and waterfall. Here you can capture photos for your Instagram and WhatsApp posts. Kanchan and Kanakhala Tirth are having spooky tales of disappearing of bones of the dead.

Goraknath Gufa

Brahmagiri Hills have Gorakhnath caves where ‘Swami Goraknath’ meditated with full devotion to make the Ganges appear on earth. Lord Shiva was pleased with his devotion and this place became the shrine devoted to ‘The Goddess Ganga’. 

Best Time to Visit Trimbakeshwar Temple

October to March or June to September is a favourable peak time to visit this temple in Nasik.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Timings

  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Monday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Tuesday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Wednesday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Thursday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Friday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Saturday 5am–9pm
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing Sunday 5am–9pm

How to Reach Trimbakeshwar Temple

By Road: Buses at regular intervals are available from Mumbai, Nasik and Pune. Services are also available from other cities, and bookings can be done online via apps or government authorized sites.

By Train: Nasik Railway Station is located 28 km away from Temple. It is connected to all the major cities in the country.

By Air: The nearest airport is Mumbai Airport. You can get a taxi from the Airport to Trimbakeshwar temple.

Places to Visit Near Trimbakeshwar Temple

1. Vallone Vineyards (16 m from Trimbakeshar Shiva Temple)

Vallone Vineyards has a vine-growing area where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the divine landscape. The place is located amidst the Brahmagiri- Satmala mountain range.

2. Lake Vaitarna Waterfalls (10.6 km from Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple)

This lake is located in Dhargaon, Igatpuri. The waterfall and scenic beauty of the mountain and water make this place a family attraction.

3. Anjaneri Fort (4.3 km from Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple)

This is the closest site from the Trimbakeshwar temple. The place is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. It the place where you can enjoy the greenery and click pictures for Instagram and Facebook.

4. Harihar Fort ( 8.5 km from Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple)

This fort was constructed to keep an eye on a trade route through Gonda Ghat. It has a historical significance and was constructed during Pankaj Panchariya period. Over the period of time, the fort was captured by many rulers. It has two villages at its base Harshewadi & Nirgudpada.

The current viewing structures of the fort are storage house with a small entrance. The remaining structure takes around half an hour to visit the entire premises.

5. Coin Museum (8.5 km from Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple)

Coin Museum is located in Trimbakeshwar and was founded by the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies in 1980. The museum is one of its kinds in the entire country. The place is surrounded by Anjneri Hills.

Timings: 9.30 AM -1 PM  & 2 PM – 5.30 PM on weekdays.

Timings may vary on Sunday & Saturday.

6. Nashik Flower Park (22.3Km from Trimbakeshwar Temple)

The water park consists of rides having floral decorations. It is located in Anjaneri village on Trimbak road. The place has a variety of flowers indigenous and hybrid. It’s one of the best places for a family outing on a weekend to spend quality time.

Ticket price is 300 INR on weekdays and 400 INR on weekends.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Itinerary

Here we have mapped out the places and things to do on a 6 day trip to Nasik.

Day 1: Nashik  –  Trimbakeshwar –  Shani Shinganapur.

After dropping down at Mumbai airport, take a taxi and reach Nasik. Nasik will check-in to the hotel and start your journey after a bit of rest. Visit the Trimbakeshwar temple. Explore the temple arena and enjoy the peace of the place.

Interact with locals to understand the lingering atmosphere and mythological concepts of everything happening around them. From the temple, reach Shani Shinganapur, do sightseeing, click pictures and then reach a hotel. Stay overnight and prepare for the next day.

Day 2: Shirdi. – Bhimashankar – Ahmednagar (350+ km)

Head over to Shirdi seek blessings of Sri Sai Baba and practice devotion. Bhimshankar and Ahmednagar have a distance of approximately 168 km in between them. It takes around 3.50hrs to complete travel via personal conveyance. In Ahmednagar visit Vishal Ganpati Temple, Cavalry Tank Museum and Ahmednagar Fort. Stay in Ahmednagar overnight and take rest to recharge yourself.

Day 3: Ahmednagar – Nanded via Parli (350+ km)

Nanded has many attractions for visitors. Start your journey in Nanded from Sahastrakund Waterfall then visit Nanded fort, Kandhar fort, Kaleshwar Temple, Isapur temple and Siddheshwara Temple. After visiting all the places check-into the hotel at Nanded, enjoy food and gear yourself for the next day.

Day 4: Aundha  – Aurangabad (360 kms)

The place Aundha is located in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. The Aundha Naganath Temple is the most fascinating attraction. After worshipping at temple head to Ajanta caves. Travelling to Ajanta will take approximately 4 hours. Ajanta caves have historic significance and marvellous scriptures on the walls. It’s a picturesque destination. At the end of the day reach your hotel and take rest.

Day 5: Grishneshwar (30 km) – Origin Destination.

Grishneshwar Temple is located in Verul, Maharashtra. Visit the temple and pray to god for your loved ones. This is the end of your journey so do some shopping in the nearby market and head back home.

Things to Carry: Trimbakeshwar Temple

Daypack: Charger, Water Bottle, Lip Balm, Hairbrush Personal Medicine, On the Go Soap, Face Mist, Facewash, Small Hand Towel, Sanitizer, Acidity Reliever, Umbrella, Raincoat, Camera, Extra Slippers, Mouth Freshener, Deodorants

Take Away For Trimbakeshwer Temple

Trimbakeshwar is a place that has holiness of temple and peace of nature. To capture scenic views and serenity simultaneously, Trimbakeshwar is the perfect destination. Other than the temple there are many other fascinating places to visit near Nasik. Vineyards and wineries are the exclusive must-watch spots which cannot be found anywhere in India other than Nasik.

Mumbai becomes another attraction for travellers visiting Trimbakeshwar. If you have ample of time do not forget ‘Mumbai Darshan’ after visiting Trimbakeshwar.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Official Website

It is the official website https://www.trimbakeshwartrust.com/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Special in Trimbakeshwar?

The special thing about trimbakeshwar is that it is one of the 12 jyotilingas and also jyotillingas consisting of three faces lord of lord bhrama,vishnu and mahesh.

Why is Trimbakeshwar Famous?

It is believed that trimbakeshwar is the birth place of Lord Ganesh, the reason trimbakeshwar is the most famous place for tourists.

How Long Does it Take for Darshan to be in Trimbakeshwar?

It depends upon the occasion if there is any festival then you have to wait around 2 to 3 hours in the line. But on normal days it takes hardly 15 to 20 minutes.

How Old is Trimbakeshwar Temple?

According to the trip advisor, Trimbakeshwar Temple is 1000 years old.

Is Mobile Allowed in Trimbakeshwar Temple?

Officially it is not allowed to take any electronic gadgets like cameras or mobiles to use in temples.

Is There Any Dress Code in Trimbakeshwar?

No, there is no any dress code for the Trimbakeshwar temple