The most amazing thing you can do when you need someone’s guidance is to visit the most trusted place, where you can find peace and a state of mind where you can think whatever you feel. Then the first place that comes to your mind is to visit temples in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra there are bunches of temples where you can visit anytime of a day and make your wishes whatever you want.

Temples In Maharashtra
Temples In Maharashtra

Best time to visit any temple whether you can visit early morning or late night because in early time you can easily visit the goddess or you can enjoy the view of the temple and nature like sounds of birds, sunrise time and many more. On the other side at night you can feel the peace and watch the star show and moon light that make you calm in every situation.

About Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the largest and busiest states of India. Maharashtra is one of India’s largest commercial and industrial centres, which has led to its being called the gateway of India. Maharashtra is also famous for its culture and beauty. The ancient cave paintings found at Ajanta and Ellora are UNESCO World Heritage sites and popular tourist destinations.

Culture & Food Of Maharashtra

Maharashtrian joyfully celebrate their culture and they proudly show their culture. They have their local slang and language Marathi. And the most celebrated festivals of Maharashtra are Ganesh chaturthi and Gudi padwa which are famous all over in India, that are celebrated widely and at a very large scale in Maharashtra. 

Maharashtrian cuisine has distinctive attributes, while sharing much with other Indian cuisines. Traditionally, Maharashtrians considered Vada pav the world’s best street food and considered their food to be more austere than others. Maharashtrian cuisine includes mild and very spicy dishes. A typical Maharashtrian meal consists of boiled rice, bhakri or poli along with varan, aamti and cooked lentils or a spiced vegetable. Bhakri is an integral part of Maharashtrian cuisine. 

Maharashtra Highlights

Elevation 100m
Best season Spring season 
Weather Hot, humid
Duration October to February 

Highlights of Maharashtra

  • Maharashtra is quite famous for its uniqueness and the way they celebrate their culture and festival. 
  • Siddhivinayak temple is the most pure and sacred place in Maharashtra and the way they celebrate Ganesh chaturthi is just outstanding and mesmerising. 
  • And the most important and unforgettable thing that you must have to try whenever you visit Maharashtra is having Vada pav. 

Famous Temples In Maharashtra

1. Siddhivinayak Temple

The Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Ganesha. It is located in Prabhadevi neighbourhood of Mumbai, Maharashtra. This temple is really very close to all Maharashtrian hearts. They celebrate bappa as their own child. This temple carries lots of people’s sentiments whether they are ordinary people or prominent people. They were all treated equally. 

2. Sirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master and fakir, considered to be a saint, revered by both Hindu and Muslim devotees during and after his lifetime.According to accounts from his life, Sai Baba preached the importance of “realisation of the self” and criticised “love towards perishable things”. His teachings concentrated on a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and Guru.

3. Shani Shingnapur

Shingnapur is also famous for the fact that no house in the village has doors, only door frames. Despite this, officially no theft was reported in the village. That the magical energy presents and protects villagers. The temple is believed to be a “jagrut devasthan” (“alive temple”), meaning that a deity still resides in the temple icon. Villagers believe that god Shani punishes anyone attempting theft.

4. Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is one of the twelve jyotirlingas where the Hindu genealogy registers at Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra are kept. The origin of the sacred Godavari river is near Trimbak.The temple is located between three hills namely Brahmagiri, Nilagiri and Kalagiri. The temple has three lingas (an iconic form of Shiva) representing Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The temple tank is called Amritavarshini. 

5. Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is a town on the Konkan Coast of western India. It’s known for its beaches, such as Ganpatipule Beach and nearby Aare Ware Beach. On Ganpatipule Beach, the centuries-old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple is a pilgrimage site and houses a large orange statue of Ganesh. Prachin Konkan is an open-air museum with models depicting traditional Konkan life. Jaigad Fort and a British-built lighthouse lie to the north.

6. Goddess Mahalaxmi Temple

Ambabai Temple (also known as Mahalaxmi Mandir) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lakshmi, who is believed to reside there as Supreme Mother Mahalakshmi and is worshipped by locals as Ambabai. Mahalakshmi is the wife of Vishnu and it is customary among Hindus to visit Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple and Padmavathi Temple as a yatra (pilgrimage). It is believed that visiting these temples as a pilgrimage helps achieve moksha (salvation).

7. Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district, in Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by three hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal and Pushpadri. The river Savitri enters the Arabian Sea from the town of Harihareshwar. Towards the north of the town is the temple of Lord Harihareshwar, said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. Hence Harihareshwar is often referred to as Dev-ghar or “house of God”. It is also known as Dakshin Kashi.

8. Khandoba Temple

The Khandoba Temple of Jejuri is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Khandoba, located on a hill in the town of Jejuri, Maharashtra. It is one of the most prominent Hindu pilgrimage centres of Maharashtra. According to legends and folklore, Khandoba was a human Avatar of Bhagawan Shiva; he used to live and rule the region from Jejuri-gad Jejuri fort. where the Mandir is now present. The Mandir is also known as Jejuri-gad. Khandoba killed the demon brothers Mani and Malla, when they harassed people.

9. Trivikrama Temple

This temple is considered as the oldest temple of Maharashtra, The external flat-roofed mandapa structure is probably only an addition from the 6th century CE, when the temple was converted into a Hindu temple. A stone image of Trivikrama probably dates to the early Chalukyas. 

10. Kailash Temple

The Kailasa or Kailasanatha temple is the largest of the rock-cut Hindu temples at the Ellora Caves near Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar district of Maharashtra, India. A megalith carved from a cliff face, it is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in the world because of its size, architecture, and sculptural treatment. It has been called “the climax of the rock-cut phase of Indian architecture. 

How to Visit A Temples in Maharashtra

How to Visit A Temples In Maharashtra Via Bike

If you’re living in Maharashtra then you’re not having much trouble visiting these beautiful Temples in Maharashtra. But if you’re living outside of Maharashtra then don’t worry you can easily book a bike to cover most of Temples in Maharashtra to make your perfect visit in Maharashtra.

How to Visit A Temples In Maharashtra Via Car

Roaming around the street and visiting this place make your trip worthwhile by seeing all the culture and native roots of Maharashtra. You can easily book a cab to roam all the Temples in Maharashtra. 

How to Visit A Temples In Maharashtra Via Train

You can also use the local train to visit all the different Temples in Maharashtra without any worry, and see the wonderful sight of Maharashtra. They are very affordable and convenient for your comfort. 

How to Visit A Temples In Maharashtra Via Bus

You can also use the bus transportation for your convention in which you feel comfortable and also if you’re tired you can also relax on the bus and roam all the Temples in Maharashtra. They are cheaper and affordable. 

How toVisit A Temples In Maharashtra Via Road

You can also choose to visit Temples in Maharashtra via road and look at the rich culture of Maharashtra and enjoy all the famous street food and their local cuisine.

Final Thoughts For Temples In Maharashtra

This place is surrounded by beautiful nature and the best view you’ll ever have and marvellous eyesight. All Temples in Maharashtra are quite popular . It’s the best place to visit a temple and pray to god. Here lies a beautiful temple. That makes you feel mesmerising and speechless after you see such a beautiful temple where you can meditate.

If you’re a true devotee then this place feels like a perfect destination for a holiday. If you want to spare a day from your hectic routine then this place is all yours to spend your holidays. This place is not only about beautiful caves, natural beauty and scenery but here you can experience new taste buds of every local street food. And also you can experience new things like If you’re talking to their native people then you can also learn new vocab and different languages. Just feel the place, you feel all the new things here and you’ll never be disappointed by such a beautiful Temples in Maharashtra.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Temples In Maharashtra

Which is the No 1 temple in Maharashtra?

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra is one of the most popular temples here, Shirdi attracts thousands of devotees every year because of the Shirdi Temple.

Which temple is the top height of Maharashtra?

Kalsubai temple is known as the top height temple in Maharashtra. The mountain range lies within the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. It is visited throughout the year by avid trekkers, Kalsubai temple devotees and wildlife enthusiasts.

Which is the richest temple in Maharashtra?

Siddhivinayak Temple, Maharashtra is considered as the richest temple in Maharashtra. And now in recent times it’s become one of the country’s richest temples. 

Which is the oldest temple in Maharashtra?

The Trivikrama Temple is considered as the oldest standing structure in Maharashtra.

Which God is famous in Maharashtra?

Vithoba is a popular deity in Maharashtra. Maharashtrian Hindus worship many deities that belong to the traditions of Vaishnavism and Shaivism. 

Which city has the most Temples in Maharashtra?

The city of Pune and the surrounding district have been at the centre of the history of Maharashtra for more than eight hundred years. A number of places revered by Marathi Hindu people are there, including five of the eight Ashtavinayak Ganesh temples.