The Kumaon range in the Himalayas is known to be pristine and serenic and is the hub for various adventurous treks. One such trek is Pindari Glacier Trek. It is located in the upper region of Kumaon Himalayas and to its southeast lies Nanda Cot and Nanda Devi.

The Pindari Glacier Trek gives origin to the pious Pindari River and is filled with natural beauty. The trek is also filled with snow-clad glaciers, the beautiful habitations of Kumaon region, the amicable locals and picturesque scenarios for you to click on some drool worthy photographs.

The trek is of moderate grade and the drop in temperature often makes your journey difficult and enduring. The trek also challenges you with mountain crossings, spider walls, and gushing streams.

The trek to Pindari Glacier starts from Loharkhet village which is situated 20km away from the Bageshwar district. From Loharkhet there is an uphill trek to Dhakuri which is an 11km continuous journey. The surrounding areas keep on becoming greener and the temperature keeps falling on the low side and occasionally hits you with the cold, refreshing wind.


Dhakuri provides you with the eye-soothing view of Baijuri, Nanda Khat and Changes peaks. Once you cross the Dhakuri, Dwali, and Phurkia you reach your final destination of the trek, the Zero Point.

The trek to Pindari Glacier is also tucked between rhododendron forests lying transversely in Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Behold the spectacular views of Panwar Dwar (6,683)m and Maiktoli (6,803)m peaks. 

If you want to experience all this first hand, make sure to book that seat for your unforgettable trek to the Pindari Glacier and let your adventurous spirit bloom. 

Overview of Pindari Glacier Trek

AREAKumaon Himalayas
DURATION10 Days ( 4 days for traveling / 6 days for trekking ) 
BEST SEASONMarch – June, and September – December except for July and August. 
ALTITUDE4150 mts/ 13612 ft

Where is Pindari Glacier Trek?

It is located at a height of 3,353mts above sea level. It falls in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. The Pindari Glacier Trek is one of the approachable glaciers in the Kumaon region. It is rolled out over an area of 3.2km.

The glacier gives origin to the river Pindari, which converges with the Alaknanda at Karnaprayag in the district of Garhwal. The trek to the glacier amazes the trekkers as the entire journey is charged with magnificent beauty and serenity.

Also, the Kafani glacier is located to the right side of Pindari glacier at an elevation of 3860m above sea level.

Pindari Glacier Trek Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Pindari glacier is mid-March to mid-June as it is summer and the weather stays suitable for trekkers. Also visiting from September to late October can be pleasant for the trekkers as it is a spring season 

Trekkers should strictly avoid the mid-June to September months because of heavy rain, road blockage and in worst cases, landslides can be experienced. It will make it unpleasant and dangerous, hence the trek remains closed during the monsoon season.

Also, during winter, the temperature can stoop to low to -°10 and chances of heavy rainfall closure of roads, hence not suitable for trekking.

Pindari Glacier Trek Highlights

  • Having the opportunity to walk amidst the stunning surrounding of Pindari Glacier Trek.
  • Witness the earthy green picturesque landscapes of the hill of Pindari.
  • On every turn of the trail, you will behold views of neighboring mountains. 
  • Zero Point is one of the main attractions of the trek. It offers you the view of stunning mountain peaks all around. It is at an elevation of 12,300 ft. 
  •  Get the opportunity to have a sneak peek at  culture and local life of inhabitants of Pindari
  • Rhododendron forests accompany you through your tour. 
  • Get an opportunity to even bird watch in the forests over there. 

How do you reach Pindari Glacier Trek? 

By Air:

Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 205 km from Bageshwar. So you can board your flight to Pantnagar and then take a cab further to your hotel. 

By Road:

Almora-Bageshwar-Munsiyari road gives access to Bamsera which is approx 25.8 km from Bageshwar. The trekkers can leave for Saung or Song village as that is the starting point of the trek. 

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam railway station which is situated at a distance of 171 km from Bageshwar. 

Pindari Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Delhi – Kathgodam (by train ) – Almora

Arrive in Delhi. Take your breakfast early in the morning and hurry off to board your AC train for Kathgodam railway station at 06:00 hrs. After arriving at Kathgodam at about 11:20 hrs take your cab to your hotel at Almora. You can be reached by evening. 

Relax and take a good bath. Eat your lunch and take plenty of rest to get yourself acclimatized. In the evening go hunt local markets and buy local goods.

Discover the specialty and culture of the place. Have your dinner at night and pack your goodies for the next day. Again, have a good night’s sleep to give yourself ample rest. 

Day 02: Almora – Loharkhet (130 Kms/ 2-3 hrs) – Dhakuri (2680 mts / 8844 ft) 

Get up in the morning all fresh. Post breakfast you will drive to Loharkhet. From Loharkhet the trek to Dhakuri will start. It is a total of 11 km journey right into the fathom of Pindari valley and then up climb to Dhakuri. Once you arrive there, camp your tents for the night and have your dinner. Enjoy the lap of mother nature and either have a chat by the campfire or a good night’s sleep. 

Day 03: Bageshwar – Loharkhet – Dhakuri ( 2680 mts/ 8844ft) 

Take your breakfast and drive to Loharkhet. It shall be serving as the starting point of your trek. This is an 8km long trekking stretch that will let you witness the beautiful Valleys and let you climb rocks. After reaching Dhakuri, take rest in your tents and enjoy the whole night. 

Day 04: Dhakuri – Dwali ( 2575mts/ 8498 ft) 

Post your breakfast, get ready for a trek to Dwali from Dhakuri and it shall take you 5-6 hrs approx. Throughout this 11km trek, the Pindari Ganga will entertain and please your ears with its gushing sounds.

You will come across many elegant bridges and waterfalls. Take a hearty look and click on some stunning photographs too. The trial will commence in Dwali. Camp your tents and stay overnight there after having your dinner. 

Day 05: Dwali – Phurkia ( 3206 mts/ 14300 ft) 

Take a light and healthy breakfast and start off to your trek to Phurkia, which is a sum total of 5 km approx. The trail is so magnificent to behold that your soul will be drenched in peace and the beauty will keep you stunned. You will get the view of snow-clad peaks as a bonus. 

Day 06: Phurkia – Pindari Glacier ( 3900 mts / 12870 ft) – Dwali 

Start early today as it is a distance of 7km trek today each way. You will witness the most awaited Zero Point where you will witness Pindari Glacier in all its stunning elegance. Award your soul with lush green valleys along the way. After returning to Dwali, have your dinner and stay overnight in your camps. Enjoy the tiredness over a campfire or sleep the night off. 

Day 07: Dwali – Khati – Dhakuri

So today is the seventh day of your trek journey. Today, it is a trek down a hill of about 6-7 he duration spread across an area of 19km from beautiful Dwali to beautiful Dhakuri. Return to your camps and after taking your dinner rest for the night. 

Day 08: Dhakuri – Loharkhet – Song – Bageshwar

After your breakfast, get ready for a 13 km long down the hill trek to Bageshwar from where we started via Loharkhet and Song Village.

After you arrive, take a cab back to your hotel and stay for the night. You will be exhilarated so way back don’t forget to click some stunning pictures of the beauty and piousness of the area. 

Day 09: Bageshwar – Kathgodam ( 190 km/ 7-8 hrs) 

Have your breakfast and take a cab to Kathgodam railway station via Almora. Your train to Delhi shall be waiting for you. Board your train at 08.39 PM. It’s a whole night journey. 

Day 10: Arrive Delhi

So now after arriving in Delhi, here comes the end of your amazing trek to Pindari Glacier. Don’t be too upset and enjoy all the thrill you received and the wonderful journey you had. I hope you have a safe and amazing journey. 

Ask us anything! 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

When Do I Book for the Pindari Glacier Trek?

The trek should be booked two months in advance so that you get the required time for all the arrangements you want to do. Hence, if you are planning to visit in either the summer or spring, book your trek accordingly. 

How Long Does it Take to Acclimatize? 

It takes a while to acclimatize. So when you reach your hotel take an ample amount of rest so that you don’t feel tired and can get accustomed to the climate as well. Also, drink plenty of water and fruit juices to provide you with enough hydration. Take a balanced and healthy diet rich in protein and non-oily. Try to avoid meat and eat light. 

What is the Minimum Temperature During Pindari Glacier Trek? 

The temperature can stoop low to 10° C during the night hours. In the winter months the temperature falls to minus and July and August are the season of monsoon hence receive heavy rainfall. 

What is the Pindari Glacier Trek Cost?

According to Thrillopilia, the usual cost of the Pindari Glacier trek is 12500.